PhD in

Oregon State University (OSU) offers a PhD in Public Policy to graduate students interested in the study and practice of policy as applied to issues critical to Oregonians and the world, drawing on the traditional strengths and emerging signature areas of OSU. While there is a science of policy - including theoretical and methodological approaches - that PhD students are expected to master, the discipline of policy is closely connected to the practice of policy design, implementation, and assessment. This full-time program is designed to ensure that students interact with policy-makers as well as the knowledge-producers who support policy decisions.

The program is offered by faculty in the Economics, Political Science, Public Policy, and Sociology programs in the School of Public Policy.  Policy students can also design programs of study with faculty in other colleges including Agricultural Sciences, Education, Forestry, Health and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts, Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, and Science.

Qualified graduates of the PhD in Public Policy program will have the capacity to shape the future direction of public policy, participate in original public policy research, and train the next generation of teachers and researchers for programs in public policy and related social sciences.  Program graduates will also be able to perform high-level policy analysis and lead in the public and non-governmental sectors.  Whether students are experienced practitioners or just launching their careers, there are opportunities in the PhD program to pursue concentrations in substantive areas supported by a wealth of experience and expertise in both the School of Public Policy and across the OSU campus, as well as work closely with experienced mentors in the United States or internationally.