• Recent graduates have found positions in both academia and the public sector including: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Political Science, Idaho State University; Academic Director, Nepal's Development and Social Change Program; Policy Analyst, Oregon Legislative Policy Research Office; Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Socioeconomics, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia; Lecturer, Environmental Science, Kuwait University; Manager, Water Quality and Quantity Program, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife; Public Policy and Planning Program of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia; Hatfield Resident Fellowship, Portland State University; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Sociology, Utah State University; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Public Health, Oregon State University; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Stanford University; Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama; Assistant Professor, Center for Advanced Studies in Energy, National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan.

2020 Graduates

MASKEY, STUTY. "Collaboration Challenges: Stakeholder Perceptions of Managing a National Forestry Program. A Case Study of the Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Program in Nepal"

  • Adviser: Denise Lach
  • Policy Interest: Environmental Policy
  • Home Country: Nepal

2019 Graduates

AJAZ, WARDA. "Microgrids and the Transition Toward Decentralized Energy Systems in the United States: A Multi-Level Perspective"

  • Adviser: David Bernell
  • Award: Fulbright Scholar
  • Policy Interest: Energy Policy
  • Home Country: Pakistan

PETERSON, HOLLY. "Macro Stories: Policy Process Dynamics of Presidential Environmental Policy Ideas"

  • Adviser: Michael D. Jones
  • Policy Interests: Policy Process Theory and Methods; Energy and Science Policy

ZANOCCO, CHAD. "Co-producing Software for Environmental and Ecological Visualization"

  • Advisor: Denise Lach
  • Award: Stanford University Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Policy Interest: Coastal and Marine Policy; Future Scenario Modeling; Economic Development; Policy Process Theory

2018 Graduates

BUYLOVA, ALEXANDRA "SASHA."  "Cascadia Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Seaside, Oregon:  Perceptions and Behavioral Intentions of Residents" 

  • Advisor: Lori Cramer
  • Award: 2018-19 Hatfield Resident Fellow
  • Policy Interest: Environmental Policy
  • Home Country: Russia

GIORDONO, LEANNE. "Advocacy Coalitions, Shifting Priorities and Disability Services: Taking an Iterative and Integrative Approach to Explaining Policy Change"

  • Advisor: Edward P. Weber
  • Award: National Science Foundation Fellowship
  • Policy Interest: Public Policy Theory; Policy Analysis

GULTOM, YOHANNA.  "Essays on Public Sector Contracting Out"

  • Advisor: Rolf Fare
  • Award: Fulbright Scholar 
  • Policy Interest: Public Policy Analysis, Public-Private Partnerships
  • Home Country: Indonesia

PINILLA JARA, JUAN PABLO.  "Party System Institutionalization and Accountability for Corruption in Latin America: The Cases of Brazil and Chile"

  • Advisor: Alison Johnston
  • Award: Fulbright Scholar (Chile)
  • Policy Interest: Comparative Public Policy, Political Corruption, Political Parties
  • Home Country: Chile

2017 Graduates

FISHLER, HILLARY K. "How We've Rebuilt: Collaboration, Community, Institutions, and Adaptation Following Catastrophic Wildland Fire in the United States" 

  • Advisor: Brent S. Steel
  • Award: Joint Fire Program Grant/USDA HEC Grant Fellow
  • Policy Interests:  Environmental Policy; Wildfire Policy

HUSAIN, ABDULLAH. "The Narrative of Environmentalism in Kuwait."

  • Advisor: Brent S. Steel
  • Award: Kuwaiti Government Fellowship
  • Policy Interest: Environmental Policy
  • Home Country: Kuwait

PAKENHAM STEVENSON, ANNA. "Assessing Adaptive Governance Capacity of Western Water Communities" 

  • Advisor: Edward P. Weber
  • Policy Interests: Environmental and Water Policy; Collaborative Governance

UTAMI, ARINI. "Community Resilience to Climate Change in Rural Java, Indonesia" 

  • Advisor: Lori A. Cramer
  • Awards: Fulbright Scholar (Indonesia); Oregon SYLLF Fellowship for International Research
  • Policy Interests:  Environmental and International Policy
  • Home Country: Indonesia

2016 Graduates

FREEMAN, MISTY MASON. "Complicating the Rural in Oregon's Water Policymaking" 

  • Advisor: Denise Lach
  • Award: Oregon Legislative Policy Research Practicum
  • Policy Interests:  Environmental and Rural Policy

PANT, SUMAN. "Examining Nepal's Community Forestry to Understand Opportunities and Barriers to Successful Collective Action" 

  • Advisor: Brent S. Steel
  • Award: Oregon SYLLF Fellowship for International Research
  • Policy Interests:  Environmental and International Policy
  • Home country: Nepal

TAYLOR, CASEY LYNN. "The Challenges and Opportunities of a Proactive Endangered Species Act:  A Case Study of the Greater Sage Grouse" 

  • Advisor: Brent S. Steel
  • Award: USDA HEC Grant Fellow
  • Policy Interests:  Environmental Policy