• Recent graduates have found positions in both academia and the public sector including: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Political Science, Idaho State University; Academic Director, Nepal's Development and Social Change Program; Policy Analyst, Oregon Legislative Policy Research Office; Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Socioeconomics, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia; Lecturer, Environmental Science, Kuwait University; Manager, Water Quality and Quantity Program, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife; Public Policy and Planning Program of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia; Hatfield Resident Fellowship, Portland State University; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Sociology, Utah State University; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Public Health, Oregon State University; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Stanford University; Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama; Assistant Professor, Center for Advanced Studies in Energy, National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan; Academic Program Director of Political Science and Governance at the University of Monterrey in Mexico; Researcher, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics; Director, Growth Lab Department, Egyptian Food Bank; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia; Senior Public Policy Associate, Mark43; Research Associate, Horowitz Foundation, University of Cambridge.

2021 Graduates

ANAND, GAUTAM. "Essays on the Effectiveness of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) in Improving Antenatal Care Utilization in Rural Bihar, India"

  • Adviser: Alison Johnston
  • Policy Interest: Social Policy
  • Awards: Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship for International Research (SYLFF)
  • Home Country: India

GARDEZI, NAJAM uz ZEHRA. "Health Outcomes in Pakistan: Empirical Essays for Policy Assessment"

  • Adviser: Alison Johnston
  • Policy Interest: Social Policy
  • Awards: Fulbright Scholar
  • Home Country: Pakistan

O'STEEN, BRIANNA. "A Mixed Methods Analysis of Philippine Labor Export Policies and Impacts on Overseas Filipino Workers"

  • Adviser: Brent S. Steel
  • Policy Interest: Social Policy
  • Awards: Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship for International Research (SYLFF)

2020 Graduates

ELKARAMANY, MOHAMED. "Examining the Causes of Variation Between States in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program's Participation Rates: Empirical and Case Study Analysis"

  • Adviser: Brent S. Steel
  • Policy Interest: Social Policy
  • Home Country: Egypt

FERNANDEZ, PATRICIA. "Sustainable Management of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: From Traditional to Integrated Hydro-Irrigation-Restoration Systems"

  • Adviser: Edward P. Weber
  • Policy Interest: Environmental and Energy Policy
  • Awards: Mexican National Council for Science and Technology Fellowship; Fulbright Scholar
  • Home Country: Mexico

KARMAZINA, ANNA. “Barriers and Facilitators of Demand Response in the U.S. Electricity Sector: A Mixed-Method Study"

  • Adviser: Brent S. Steel
  • Policy Interest: Energy Policy
  • Awards: Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship; Fulbright Scholar
  • Home Country: Russia

MASKEY, STUTY. "Collaboration Challenges: Stakeholder Perceptions of Managing a National Forestry Program. A Case Study of the Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Program in Nepal"

  • Adviser: Denise Lach
  • Policy Interest: Environmental Policy
  • Home Country: Nepal

2019 Graduates

AJAZ, WARDA. "Microgrids and the Transition Toward Decentralized Energy Systems in the United States: A Multi-Level Perspective"

  • Adviser: David Bernell
  • Award: Fulbright Scholar
  • Policy Interest: Energy Policy
  • Home Country: Pakistan

PETERSON, HOLLY. "Macro Stories: Policy Process Dynamics of Presidential Environmental Policy Ideas"

  • Adviser: Michael D. Jones
  • Policy Interests: Policy Process Theory and Methods; Energy and Science Policy

ZANOCCO, CHAD. "Co-producing Software for Environmental and Ecological Visualization"

  • Advisor: Denise Lach
  • Award: Stanford University Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Policy Interest: Coastal and Marine Policy; Future Scenario Modeling; Economic Development; Policy Process Theory

2018 Graduates

BUYLOVA, ALEXANDRA "SASHA."  "Cascadia Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Seaside, Oregon:  Perceptions and Behavioral Intentions of Residents" 

  • Advisor: Lori Cramer
  • Award: 2018-19 Hatfield Resident Fellow
  • Policy Interest: Environmental Policy
  • Home Country: Russia

GIORDONO, LEANNE. "Advocacy Coalitions, Shifting Priorities and Disability Services: Taking an Iterative and Integrative Approach to Explaining Policy Change"

  • Advisor: Edward P. Weber
  • Award: National Science Foundation Fellowship
  • Policy Interest: Public Policy Theory; Policy Analysis

GULTOM, YOHANNA.  "Essays on Public Sector Contracting Out"

  • Advisor: Rolf Fare
  • Award: Fulbright Scholar 
  • Policy Interest: Public Policy Analysis, Public-Private Partnerships
  • Home Country: Indonesia

PINILLA JARA, JUAN PABLO.  "Party System Institutionalization and Accountability for Corruption in Latin America: The Cases of Brazil and Chile"

  • Advisor: Alison Johnston
  • Award: Fulbright Scholar (Chile)
  • Policy Interest: Comparative Public Policy, Political Corruption, Political Parties
  • Home Country: Chile

2017 Graduates

FISHLER, HILLARY K. "How We've Rebuilt: Collaboration, Community, Institutions, and Adaptation Following Catastrophic Wildland Fire in the United States" 

  • Advisor: Brent S. Steel
  • Award: Joint Fire Program Grant/USDA HEC Grant Fellow
  • Policy Interests:  Environmental Policy; Wildfire Policy

HUSAIN, ABDULLAH. "The Narrative of Environmentalism in Kuwait."

  • Advisor: Brent S. Steel
  • Award: Kuwaiti Government Fellowship
  • Policy Interest: Environmental Policy
  • Home Country: Kuwait

PAKENHAM STEVENSON, ANNA. "Assessing Adaptive Governance Capacity of Western Water Communities" 

  • Advisor: Edward P. Weber
  • Policy Interests: Environmental and Water Policy; Collaborative Governance

UTAMI, ARINI. "Community Resilience to Climate Change in Rural Java, Indonesia" 

  • Advisor: Lori A. Cramer
  • Awards: Fulbright Scholar (Indonesia); Oregon SYLLF Fellowship for International Research
  • Policy Interests:  Environmental and International Policy
  • Home Country: Indonesia

2016 Graduates

FREEMAN, MISTY MASON. "Complicating the Rural in Oregon's Water Policymaking" 

  • Advisor: Denise Lach
  • Award: Oregon Legislative Policy Research Practicum
  • Policy Interests:  Environmental and Rural Policy

PANT, SUMAN. "Examining Nepal's Community Forestry to Understand Opportunities and Barriers to Successful Collective Action" 

  • Advisor: Brent S. Steel
  • Award: Oregon SYLLF Fellowship for International Research
  • Policy Interests:  Environmental and International Policy
  • Home country: Nepal

TAYLOR, CASEY LYNN. "The Challenges and Opportunities of a Proactive Endangered Species Act:  A Case Study of the Greater Sage Grouse" 

  • Advisor: Brent S. Steel
  • Award: USDA HEC Grant Fellow
  • Policy Interests:  Environmental Policy