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Welcome to the School of Public Policy at OSU, home to programs in Economics, Political Science, Public Policy, Sociology, and a graduate program in Public Policy. Approved in 2011 as part of the strategic realignment of the College of Liberal Arts, the School of Public Policy offers on campus and online undergraduate majors in Economics, Political Science, Public Policy, and Sociology, as well as an online and on campus Master of Public Policy, online Executive Master of Public Policy, and PhD in Public Policy programs. The School also offers undergraduate minors in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology as well as graduate minors in Political Science and Sociology.

Within this school, you will find engaged faculty who are innovative teachers, challenging scholars, and willing mentors who will work one-on-one with you as you build your future.  You will find peers who challenge the way you think about the world, your education, and yourself.

Students who graduate from the School of Public Policy are the next generation of leaders who know how to operate in environments of tight budgets, produce more with fewer resources, and work in an environment of increased public skepticism, all while addressing some of the most complex problems humans have ever faced. MPP RankingAffordablecollegesonline PS ranking




Upcoming Events:

  • May 31, 2-3:30 PM: Bexell 414
    "How Does Demographic Change Affect Economic Growth? A Panel Data Approach in an Endogenous Growth Setting"
    Shawn Knabb, Western Washington University

  • May 8, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
    CLA Authors Presentation: Governing Oregon: Continuity and Change
    Edward Weber

  • April 24, 4:30 pm, MU 213: Pan-Afrikan Sankofa Room
    Panel on Voter Suppression
    Chris Stout and Rorie Solberg

  • Jan. 25, 12-1, Bexell 414, Brownbag Series:
    “Rethinking Science Literacy: The limits of deficit thinking.”
    Susanna Priest (Editor-in-Chief of Science Communication)

  • Jan. 25, 1-2, Bexell 102:
    "Bringing Civility Back to Campus and the Community"
    Carolyn Long (Founder, Initiative for Public Deliberation),
    Sam Reed (Distinguished Professor in Civic Education and Public Civility, Washington State University-Vancouver),
    Ellen Rogers (Acting Director, Initiative for Public Deliberation, Washington State University-Vancouver)

  • Feb 22, 12-1, Bexell 414, Brownbag Series:
    “The strings of the ‘Golden Straightjacket’: How sovereign ratings influence entitlement spending in developed countries”
    Alison Johnston (Political Science)

  • Mar. 8, 12-1, Bexell 414, Brownbag Series:
    "Does a day lost equal dollars saved? The effects of four-day school weeks on school district expenditures."
    Paul Thompson (Economics)

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