Faculty Program / Department Willing to be a 
Committee Member
Teach Courses in Concentration
Scott Akins Scott Akins Sociology  X  
bernell David Bernell Political Science   X  X
Hilary Boudet Hilary Boudet Sociology  X  X
Lori A. Cramer Lori Cramer Sociology  X  X
Professor Patrick Emerson Patrick Emerson Economics   X  X
henderson Sarah Henderson Political Science   X  
Qinglai Meng Economics  X  
Dwaine Plaza Dwaine Plaza Sociology  X  
Elizabeth Schroeder
Elizabeth Schroeder Economics  X  
steel Brent S. Steel Political Science  X  X
Bryan Tilt Anthropology  X  X
valls Andrew Valls Political Science  X  
weber Edward Weber Political Science  X  X