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Transferring to CLA

Students transferring to the College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University should be aware of how their classes transfer and the process for transferring.  Using the resources provided here will help you prepare for a smooth transfer experience.  Students with questions about the general transfer process, admissions, financial aid, etc. are encouraged to visit the main OSU Transfer Student page for answers.

If you are transferring from a Community College in Oregon, use our Community College Transfer Credit page to determine which classes at your Community College will transfer to your new major here at OSU. If you have questions about how all courses will transfer and/or you are currently attending a school outside of Oregon please refer to OSU's General Articulation Tables for transfer of credits to OSU.

After reviewing the information above, if you have questions please contact our advising office by calling 541-737-0561 or emailing

CLA Community College Transfer Credit Information

OSU Transfer Student Information