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When you’re a student in the College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University, your education starts in the classroom and extends beyond it. Our students have created a food bank on campus, and pioneered educational programs for prison inmates. They travel internationally to study art, and their internships take them everywhere from Washington, D.C., to archeological digs in Oregon. Our students are mentored by faculty whose work makes an impact. And when they graduate, our students are prepared to be leaders in their communities.

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Rachel Paris

Rachel Paris, Student Recruitment Coordinator

Hometown: Davison, Michigan

Favorite Thing about CLA: The passion students have here at CLA creates a culture of passion, innovation, and care for everyone who is learning here. They are dedicated students who are highly involved and want to genuinely want to make a difference in the world.

Admissions Advice: If you are interested in majors in CLA, do not hesitate to reach out early with questions! We want to be able to give more in-depth information about the college and connect you with current students and faculty members.

If you are interested in learning more about the College of Liberal Arts please contact Rachel at and by filling out this form.