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The College of Liberal Arts Marketing and Communications team is comprised of professional staff who work to support and promote the great work happening across the college. We manage the college’s public-facing communications, including print, digital and social media channels.

Marketing Services

Our designers are able to help you create visually appealing materials that enhance and promote your work:

  • Posters, flyers.
  • Booklets, brochures.
  • Digital graphics.
  • Swag design.



Our team can assist you with printed materials through Printing & Mailing Services provided you have a budget and index to charge.

Please keep in mind that Printing & Mailing Services requires at least five working days for their print services. Additional charges may be incurred for any print job with a shorter deadline.



Printed material will be delivered directly to you for distribution. The CLA marketing team does not hang posters or distribute printed material. However, our team can assist you with direct mailing items like postcards and brochures through OSU’s Printing and Mailing Services.

Our team can assist in documenting your events, programs and people with high quality photos and video. Each photo and video request is considered on a case-by-case basis with preference given to opportunities that allow our team to share the story with as wide an audience as possible.

  • Faculty and student headshots.
  • Event photography.
  • Video profiles of faculty and students.

Request Considerations

Before making a photo or video request, please consider the following:

  • Lead time
    • Have you provided enough lead time? Please provide 1-2 weeks’ notice for photography requests. If you’re requesting a video, provide at least 1-2 months’ notice.
  • Visually interesting
    • Is it visually interesting? A classroom lecture or presentation from a podium do not typically count as visually interesting (unless the speaker is widely known or famous in their field). 
  • Editing time
    • Keep in mind that editing takes time. Editing a video can take weeks and photos can take several hours.


Model Release

The university requires individuals (including all OSU faculty, staff and students) to sign a model release form when they are included in university communications (e.g., featured in photography, videography or written material).

Electronic signing of model releases is available via DocuSign. Instructions for DocuSign model release forms

The university requires individuals to sign a model release form when they are photographed, including all Oregon State faculty, staff and students.

Our Web & Digital Communications Specialist can help share content across the College’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or YouTube, or provide guidance and best practices on how to share content on school, academic programs, or office social media channels.

Accounts that CLA Marketing manages and the types of content we post on each:

  • TikTok - student-created short video.
  • Instagram - photos/short video of student faces, places and spaces.
  • YouTube - longform video, event livestreams/archives.
  • FaceBook - photos/videos related to upcoming events. 
  • Twitter - faculty content.
  • LinkedIn - feature stories, student/faculty/staff kudos.



  • Request social media posts on CLA social media accounts by:

please note: not all requests are fulfilled

  • These are the types of content that we don't post on CLA social media accounts:
    • flyers/posters.
    • individual class advertisements.
  • School channels are not managed by CLA Marketing.

Our Web & Digital Communications Specialist can help create and edit content across the College’s websites, or provide guidance and best practices on why and how to create your own pages.

  • Promotions and marketing of events across the college (student clubs not included).
  • Liaison with event organizers to determine and manage communications and publicity needs
  • Place campus calendar entries

For more information about hosting an event on campus, please visit University Events.

Project Priorities

Due to the high volume of requests, we prioritize strategic projects that advance the College and school-wide initiatives.

We take on projects for specific areas of study as time and resources permit.

If we are unable to take on your project due to volume or other priorities, we will direct you to other helpful resources to get the job done.

Timing—How long will a project take?

It’s important to give our team ample lead time to complete your project, and others in the queue, in a professional and timely manner.

  • For large projects, allow at least 10 weeks from kickoff to finish.
    • Ex. multi-page brochures, booklets, websites and videos.
  • For smaller projects, allow at least 3-4 weeks from kickoff to finish.
    • Ex. event invitations, faculty/student stories, ads, postcards, flyers, press releases, emails and landing pages.
  • Very small projects and quicker tasks can be handled within 5-7 days of kickoff.
    • Ex. website updates, social media posts.

Please review your materials before submitting, and please limit edit requests to two.

Helpful Links and Resources

View all templates in Box

The marketing team does not currently assist with podcast production. However, there are some OSU resources available:

  • OSU Faculty Media Center has a sound proof booth and it's set up for these types of projects:
  • Podcasting distribution services like Libsyn can help with publishing your recordings to all the major services (Apple, Spotify, etc.) for as low as $5/month.

Two OSU website options are available for content that doesn't belong on CLA sites (i.e. faculty information—full CV, long bio, etc.—sites, individual class content, etc.):

  • OSU Wordpress: (Digital Experience service desk can provide basic training/support).
  • An OSU account-linked Google site: log into Google with your ONID, go to dashboard, choose “Sites”, pick a template, and you’re ready to build.

Both of these types of sites are free and affiliated with the University (either option will have in their URL). Both have the option to give different ONID users permissions to edit pages on the site.

There are other commercial options available (Reclaim, Squarespace, Wix, etc.), but they will not be affiliated with OSU and will include, at a minimum, monthly hosting fees as well as recurring domain name registration fees.

We do not help design or code non-CLA websites. If you want to link from your CLA bio page to your faculty site, submit a project request and we'll help you set that up.

The Marketing and Communications Team

Ballard Extension Hall - Suite 330
2591 Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Andy McNamara, Senior Director

  • Team leadership

Colin Bowyer, Communications Manager

  • Project manager, content development

Blake Brown, Senior Visual Designer (SOC, SWLF, SLCS, SVPDA)

  • Graphic design, photography and videography

Natalia Bueno, Senior Visual Designer (SHPR, SPS, SPP)

  • Graphic design, photography and videography

Keith Van Norman, Web & Digital Communications Specialist

  • Websites and Social Media