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Putting it all together

Part IV: Technology has made designing choreography easier, but it’s the OSU Marching Band’s perfect execution that make their performances timeless

After the themes for each season’s halftime shows have been set, after the music the band plays as it takes the field has been written, after the musical arrangements have been worked out and the color guard starts practicing its routines, Olin Hannum, OSU’s associate director of bands and the university’s director of athletic bands, starts writing the drill -- essentially, the fine art and science of getting every band member in the right place at the right time.

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Student Focus

Miss Americana and the policy implications of her music and brand

The School of Public Policy plans to examine the intersection of popular culture and activism through the lens of Taylor Swift’s career

Imagine taking a class at OSU that never goes out of style. It’s a class where you can step into your own lavender haze filled with discussions about a Grammy award-winning music icon and one of the world’s most successful recording artists. This class is about more than just a talented singer or a gifted musician; students will examine the economic, political, and cultural effects of one of the most inspiring female leaders in the music industry today.

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The College of Liberal Arts 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

The College of Liberal Arts builds a richer, more creative tomorrow through the rigorous study of human history, human expression, and the human mind. In the next five years, we will pivot towards the knowledge economies of the future.

In the next five years, we will pivot towards the knowledge economies of the future. Today's students will chart their professional paths in a wider variety of fields than ever before, including many that don't yet exist. They seek an education that universities of the past could not have envisioned. We must meet their aspirations. CLA will be a bridge-builder, elevating collaborative opportunities and amplifying the visibility of innovative research and creative work.

We will integrate the arts in research disciplines across the University. We will create globally-relevant opportunities for all students, including those who cannot physically travel abroad. We will prioritize new technologies and pathways for student learning. The College of Liberal Arts will lead Oregon State University as a model of higher education for the public good.

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The College of Liberal Arts is the proud academic home of 5,026 students. With 1 faculty member for every 15 undergraduate students, you'll receive a personalized education paired with a robust liberal arts college experience.



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Our dynamic, intellectual community of 336 expert faculty tackle the world’s biggest issues from social justice to food insecurity. They conduct symphonies and design in virtual reality. They study the past to forge solutions for the future.

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CLA is the only college at Oregon State that guarantees you'll graduate in 4 years. Our graduates go on to successful careers in medicine, technology, the arts, media, law, policy, education, business and more. Your path is wide open.


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Imagining a better outcome

Assistant Professor of Psychology Hannah Lawrence researches how mental imagery plays a role in adolescent depression and suicide risk

Mental health disorders have increased worldwide in the last decade by 13%, according to the World Health Organization. Rather than only adults, mental health issues affect every age group in one shape or form, including adolescents. read more >


With 290 faculty members, the College of Liberal Arts has the collective experience to guide our students to greatness.

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Visionary Donations Funding our Future: PRAx

“The Patricia Valian Reser Center for the Creative Arts will serve as a unique and dynamic education and performance center and will be a showcase destination for the visual, musical, theater and cultural arts for students, faculty, campus visitors and Oregonians,” said Larry Rodgers, dean of OSU’s College of Liberal Arts.

A lead gift of $25 million for the complex has been provided by Patricia Reser. Additional gifts include a $2 million commitment from the family of the late Lynne Detrick of West Linn to build a new 500-seat concert hall to offer a high-caliber venue for both listeners and performers, Rodgers said. The OSU Foundation continues to seek philanthropic support for the center, and OSU will also seek state bonding from the 2020 Oregon Legislature to help support the project. read more >

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