Marine Studies (MAST) Undergraduate Degree

Marine Studies (MAST) is an interdisciplinary major that explores the dynamic relationship between humans and the marine environment. MAST majors take course work in social sciences, arts, and humanities, as well as a selection of marine science classes. The MAST degree focuses on the history and philosophy of the seas, how oceans and coasts inspire us creatively and spiritually, and how we shape marine policies. While MAST recognizes the essential role that the natural sciences play in understanding the seas, this degree trains students to examine, filter, and express their knowledge and learning through humanistic and cultural lenses.

MAST Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA, BS)

he MAST major includes coursework in new media communications, philosophy, religious studies, writing, painting, and a range of social sciences in order to investigate and inspire human understandings and experiences of oceans, coasts, and other marine environments.

MAST Major Requirements



MAST Minor

Launching in 2024

The Marine Studies minor provides an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of the dynamic interconnectedness of human cultures, literature and philosophy, and the social sciences within marine and coastal spaces.