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Colin Hesse joined the Department of Speech Communication at Oregon State University in September 2013. Colin completed his Ph.D. at Arizona State University in 2009. His research focuses on the links between interpersonal communication and both psychological and physiological health. Specific communication processes of interest include the communication of affection, alexithymia, and family communication.

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Liberal Arts Admin
Courses Taught: 

Advanced Interpersonal Communication

Communication Research Methods

Health Communication

Family Communication

Interpersonal Communication Theory & Research

Research/Career Interests: 

Health Communication

Affectionate Communication

Family Communication

Communication of Emotions

My Publications


Journal Article

Hesse, Colin et al. Affectionate Communication And Health: A Meta-Analysis. Communication Monographs 88.2 (2021): 194-218. Print. Communication Monographs.
Hesse, Colin, and Alan Mikkelson. Relational And Health Correlates Of Excessive Affection. Communication Quarterly 69.3 (2021): 320-340. Print. Communication Quarterly.
Hesse, Colin, Alan Mikkelson, and Xi Tian. Affection Deprivation During The Covid-19 Pandemic: A Panel Study. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 38.10 (2021): 2965-2984. Print. Journal Of Social And Personal Relationships.


Journal Article

Hesse, Colin, and Xi Tian. Affection Deprivation In Marital Relationships: An Actor-Partner Interdependence Mediation Analysis. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 37.3 (2019): 965-985. Print. Journal Of Social And Personal Relationships.


Journal Article


Journal Article