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1650 SW Pioneer Place
Corvallis, OR 97331
  • Critical Studies and Experimental Practices, Musicology (PhD): University of California, San Diego, CA
  • Master of Arts (MA): Music Composition, Mills College, Oakland, CA.
  • Bachelor of Music (B.MUS) (Emphasis: Piano/Composition) McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada. 


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  • Roscoe Mitchell’s Distant Radio Transmission: Nonaah Trio with John C Savage and Catherine Lee, (Wide Hive Records, 2020)
  • John Heward Quintet: Improvisations, (Mode Records - Avant, 2019)
  • Reasoning with Mark Dresser, Mike Gamble, Lori Goldston and Peter Valsamis, (Dana Reason, 2014)
  • Angle of Vision with Glen Moore and Peter Valsamis, (482 Music, 2013)
  • Revealed with Dominic Duval and John Heward, (Circumvention Music, 2010)
  • Signs Of The Times: Women/Men (including Dana Reason Trio), (Jazziz, 2010)
  • Fjellestad/Kowald/Reason/Robinson: Dual Resonance, (Circumvention Music, 2003)
  • The Space Between with Jöelle Léandre, (482 Music, 2003)
  • The Space Between with Matthew Sperry, (482 Music, 2003)
  • The Space Between with Barre Phillips, (482 Music, 2001)
  • Hans Fjellestad: Red Sauce Baby (as guest pianist), (Accretions, 2000)
  • The Space Between with Jon Raskin, (Sparkling Beatnik Records, 1999)
  • Musicworks 74: Soundscape Minimalism (including The Space Between Trio), (Musicworks, 1999)
  • Border Crossings, (Red Toucan 1997)
  • Ellis: Children in Peril (as guest pianist), (Music And Arts, 1997)
  • Primal Identity, (Deep Listening, 1996)
  • Philip Gelb: Purple Wind (as guest pianist), (Ryokan, 1996)
  • Da-Ro Re-Mix-Desire, (Da Grooves, 1994)
  • Hard into the Night- Remix, (Numuzik Inc., 1994)
  • Ya-Ya Re-Mix Mitsou, (Tox, 1994)
  • Deep Into Your Soul. Remix of Fan.cie, (Da Grooves, 1994)


  • Off the Road: Documentary film by Laurence Petit-Jouvet, France 2001, featuring musical collaborations with German bassist Peter Kowald

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