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  • Soc 204 - Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 315 - Methods I: Research Design
  • Soc 316 - Methods II: Quantitative Analysis
  • Soc 418/518 - Qualitative Research Methods
  • Soc 437/537 - Race & Ethnic Relations
  • Soc 438/538 - US Immigration Issues
  • Soc 499- International Study Abroad: Cuba/ Canada
  • Soc 460 - The Sociology of Globalization

Current Projects

  • Caribbean Transnational Culture and Carnival
  • Transnational Families and Social Media
  • STEM Women and barriers to tenure and promotion
  • Caribbean immigrants living arrangements and family structures in Canada
  • The second and third generation of Caribbean Canadians
  • Adaptive Capacity networks and forest fires

Research Interests

  • Caribbean Studies
  • Migration and Settlement
  • Race and Ethnic Relations

Curriculum Vitae


Brief Vita


  • 1995-1997 Post Doctoral Research Fellowship Oxford Brooks University. Living Arrangements, Family Structure and Social Change of Caribbeans in Britain.
  • 1996 Ph.D. in Sociology, York University, Canada. Thesis title: "The Strategies and Strategizing of University Educated Caribbean-born Men in Canada: A Study of Occupation and Income Achievements". Supervisor: Alan Simmons.
  • 1996 Graduate Diploma in Refugee and Migration Studies, York University.
  • 1995 University Teaching Practicum Certificate, York University.
  • 1990 Master of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University. Research focus: Social Planning and Policy for Human Settlement Issues in the Commonwealth Caribbean.
  • 1990 Graduate Diploma in Latin America and Caribbean Studies, York University.
  • 1983-1987 Honors B.A. in Sociology and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, York University.


Journal Publications


  • 2019 Plaza, Dwaine & Lauren Plaza "Facebook and WhatsApp as Elements in Transnational Care Chains for the Trinidadian Diaspora" Genealogy, Vol. 3, No. 15 pp 1-22.
  • 2019 Warner, Rebecca & Dwaine Plaza et. al. Advancing women in STEM: institutional transformation. The Lancet Vol 393, No 10171, pp 6-9. Lancet
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  • 1992 Alan, Simmons & Dwaine Plaza. "International Migration and Schooling in the Eastern Caribbean". La Educacion: Revista Interamericana De Desarrollo Educativo, Washington: Organization of American States, No. 107, pp. 187-214.


Book Publications


  • 2006 Plaza, Dwaine & Frances Henry. Returning to the Source: The Final Stage of the Caribbean Migration Circuit. Jamaica: University of the West Indies Press.
  • 2020 Frances Henry & Dwaine Plaza Caribbean Women In Carnival, University Press of  Mississippi.


Book Chapter Publications


  • 2020 Plaza, Dwaine “Caribbana in Toronto: From Male Dominance to Female Agency” in Henry, Frances (ed.) Caribbean Women In Carnival, University Press of Mississippi.
  • 2020 Plaza, Dwaine & DeCosmo, Jan “The Africanization of Trinidad Carnival: From the Jamet to Bikini, Beads and Feathers” in Henry, Frances (ed.) Caribbean Women In Carnival, University Press of Mississippi.
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  • 1999 Plaza, Dwaine. contributing author and (co-editor) (with Mark Edwards) to “Writing Within Sociology: A Guide for Undergraduates”. Oregon State University, Department of Sociology.
  • 1998 Plaza, Dwaine. “Strategies and Strategizing: The Struggles for Upward Mobility Among University Educated Caribbean-Born Men in Canada”. In Mary Chamberlain (ed.) Globalized Identities: New Directions in the Study of Caribbean Migration, London: Routledge, pp. 249-266.
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  • 1989 Plaza, Dwaine with David, Morley and Paul, Wilkinson. The Barbados Micro-Computer Database, Barbados. Electronic database formatted for regional distribution.
  • 1988 Plaza D. Low Income Housing Options In Jamaica, Toronto: Faculty of Environmental Studies International News Letter, Vol. 3, No 5, pp.25-35.


Research Awards


  • 2019 Coupled human and natural systems (CHANS). Toward a theory of adaptive capacity in coupled human and natural systems. (Funded 1.4 million for four years).
  • 2015 NSF EAGER project: Understanding the confluence: social identities and engineering education and practice. (Funded at $300,000 for two years).
  • 2014 Advance Grant National Science Foundation—Campus climate for women in STEM/SBS fields. (Funded at 3.2 Million for five years).

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Policy Areas: Caribbean studies, migration and settlement, race and ethnic relations.

PhD: York University (Canada)

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