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Jan Looking Wolf Reibach teaches Native American Flute at Oregon State University. An enrolled Kalapuya Native American, Reibach's great great grandfather is Chief Joseph Sangretta of the Santiam Kalapuya People, who have a rich history spanning 14,000 years, with territories that include the Corvallis area. Sangretta was a signer of the Willamette Valley Treaty which relocated the Kalapuyas to the Grand Ronde Reservation in the mid-1800s.   

Reibach lives within his indigenous homelands and is an avid practitioner of Tribal cultural traditions. He plays the wooden Native American flute in contemporary music and ceremonial events. He also has enjoyed a great deal of success in the music industry, resulting in 19 CDs and three DVDs released internationally by six record labels. His works with the Native American Flute have garnered 49 national award recognitions. In 2008, he became the first flutist in history to be named Flutist of the Year by both Native American music award organizations, for his solo flute CD "Unity."   His other awards include Music Video of the Year, Record of the Year, and Artist of the Year at the prestigious Native American Music Awards (2011, 2010, 2009 respectively.) Jan’s prior work with indigenous flutes has spanned musical genres from solo traditional flute to blues, jazz, classical, folk and contemporary rock with full accompaniment.

Reibach maintains a balance through his Native American roots, traditions, and humanity. He has performed in several projects for non-profit causes such as cancer treatments for children, homeless crisis, and most recently a drug and alcohol prevention program for Native American Youth.

In 1994 he suffered from a debilitating stroke as a result of a rare genetic disorder that is prone to Native Americans. After living as a paraplegic for almost a year, he made a complete recovery. Now, he shares a message of hope and unity through the flute. Every note is played from the heart, every breath a celebration of life.

A seasoned performer and lecturer, Reibach has performed at over 400 events around the globe. The message in his music sings loud and clear - equity for all people regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, or income. Jan instructs three sections of Native Flute at OSU, as part of the Cultural Diversity selections in the Bacc Core course listings, offered fall, winter, spring and summer. In these courses, students learn history, theory, and application of the Native American Flute within a context that transcends cultural boundaries. Native American Flute was recently selected as the Second Best Bacc Core Class in the University Daily Barometer's "Best of Campus" poll.

"It is an honor to share this beautiful instrument of peace and healing with you. The Native American Flute's journey reflects the plight of the native people of North America."

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