Program Coordinator of Art and Art History

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Corvallis, OR 97331
MA and PhD in Art History, Columbia University BA and MA in Literature, Beijing Normal University
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 “The Literati, The Eunuch, and a Memorial: Revisiting Nelson-Atkins’ ‘Red Cliff’ Painting,” Archives of Asian Art, vol. 66 (2016) no.1 (Forthcoming)

“The Enigma of Yihe Ming: Is it a Real Epitaph?Artibus Asiae, vol. 73 (2012), no. 1: 53-90

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Art Department
OSU Main Campus
Courses Taught: 

ART 208: Introduction to Asian Art

ART 310: Early Chinese Art and Archaeology

ART 311: Late Chinese Art and Culture

ART 312: Contemporary Chinese Art

ART 313: Art of Japan

ART 492: Special Topics in Asian Art

ART 469/569: Methods and Theory of Art History

Research/Career Interests: 

Xue’s primary research field is pre-modern Chinese calligraphy and painting. His studies on Chinese calligraphy seek to situate this unique art form within the ongoing art historical and theoretical debates. Currently he is completing a book manuscript, titled “Eulogy for a Crane: Myth and Culture of Chinese Calligraphy,” which explores how monuments of calligraphy have continued to play a role in the social production of taste and value. Xue has also published, both in Chinese and English, on Song dynasty literature and art. His recent article, “The Literati, the Eunuch, and a Memorial: The Nelson-Atkins’s Red Cliff Painting Revisited,” reexamines the court painting production in the early 12th century. Xue’s publications appear in Artibus Asiae and Archives of Asian Art, both premium academic journals in the field.