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Art Department
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Michael Boonstra is a visual artist living and working in Oregon. He received his BFA from the University of Michigan in 1996 and his MFA from the University of Oregon in 2002. Boonstra has had recent solo/two person shows at Pacific University, Willamette University, and SAA Project Space.

He also has participated in numerous group exhibitions at venues including the San Juan Museum of Art and Root Division in San Francisco. His studio practice is based out of Eugene, Oregon where he lives with his family.

Teaching Philosophy:
I aim to develop the different interests and impulses of students into thoughtful examination and creative practice. An atmosphere of openness and cooperation can be the catalyst to offer students the skills, both mental and physical, that will push parameters, question paradigms, and solve problems. My goal is to cultivate this type of inquisitive environment within my classes with the hope that students will carry it beyond the classroom.