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SOC 381 - Social Dimensions of Sustainability

PPOL 421 - Introduction to Policy Research

SOC 360 - Population Trends & Policy

SOC 481/581 - Society & Natural Resources

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Shawn is environmental and natural resource sociologist whose research examines community impacts and public perceptions of energy systems, fuels extraction, and transition to a carbon-free future. 

  • Environmental, natural resource, and community sociology
  • Global energy transition and community change
  • Public response to renewable energy, fossil fuels extraction, and fossil fuel export
  • Rural community wellbeing, extractive histories, and just transitions

Curriculum Vitae


Brief Vita


Ph.D. Sociology, Utah State University, 2017

M.S. Environmental Studies, University of Colorado – Boulder, 2013

B.A. Environmental & Social Movement Studies, The Evergreen State College, 2003



Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapters
  • Mooney, Rachel, Hilary Schaffer Boudet, and Shawn Olson Hazboun. 2022. “Risk-benefit Peceptions of Natural Gas Export in Oregon.” Local Environment 27(3): 342-356. DOI: 10.1080/13549839.2022.2040470

  • Hazboun, Shawn and Hilary Boudet. 2022. “An Introduction to the Social Dimensions of Fossil Fuel Export in an Era of Energy Transition.” In Hilary Boudet & Shawn Hazboun (eds.), Public Response to Fossil Fuel Export: Exporting Energy and Emissions in a Time of Transition (pp. 3-22). Elsevier.

  • Hazboun, Shawn and Hilary Boudet. 2022. “Social Dimensions of Fossil Fuel Export: Summary of Learnings and Implications for Research and Practice. In Hilary Boudet & Shawn Hazboun (eds.), Public Response to Fossil Fuel Export: Exporting Energy and Emissions in a Time of Transition (pp. 257-268). Elsevier.

  • Zanocco, Chad, Shawn Hazboun, Hilary Boudet, and Greg Stelmach. 2022. “The evolution of US public attitudes toward natural gas export: a pooled cross-sectional analysis of time series data (2013-2017).” In Hilary Boudet & Shawn Hazboun (eds.), Public Response to Fossil Fuel Export: Exporting Energy and Emissions in a Time of Transition (pp. 57-72). Elsevier.

  • Hazboun, Shawn and Hilary Boudet. 2022. “A ‘thin green line’ of resistance against the global fossil fuels trade? Assessing public opinion and risk perceptions of oil, natural gas, and coal export in Northwestern North America.” In Hilary Boudet & Shawn Hazboun (eds.), Public Response to Fossil Fuel Export: Exporting Energy and Emissions in a Time of Transition. Elsevier.

  • Hazboun, Shawn, Kathleen Saul, Huy Ngyuen, and Richard Weiss. 2022. “Leave it in the Ground, or Send it Abroad? Assessing Themes in Community Response to Coal Export Proposals in Washington State through Topic Modeling of Local News.” In Hilary Boudet & Shawn Hazboun (eds.), Public Response to Fossil Fuel Export: Exporting Energy and Emissions in a Time of Transition (pp. 229-256). Elsevier.

  • Hazboun, Shawn Olson and Hilary Schaffer Boudet. 2021. “Natural Gas – Friend or Foe of the Environment? Evaluating the Framing Contest over Natural Gas Through a Public Opinion Survey in the Pacific Northwest. Environmental Sociology 7(4): 368-381. DOI: 10.1080/23251042.2021.1904535

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