Study Abroad in Nepal, 2019

Oregon State is pleased to offer a semester long study abroad opportunity in Nepal!  As a student in this semester long program, you can take classes on Buddhist philosophy and history, all the while gaining insight into the day to day lives of Buddhist monks and nuns.

Classes are held on the grounds of Ka-Nying Shedrup Ling Monastery. Set in the bustling town of Boudhanath—just outside of the city of Kathmandu—this monastery and its environs are at the heart of Tibetan religious life in Nepal. You will study Buddhist Philosophy with traditionally trained monks, complemented by classes taught by western scholars. You will also be able to take courses on Buddhist history and Nepalese religion, and if you wish you will have the opportunity to study meditation with acclaimed meditation masters. But perhaps most importantly, you will be immersed in Tibetan Buddhist life, engaging directly with the daily realities of Tibetan Buddhism—an experience like no other in the world.

Unlike other programs in Nepal, this trip is organized by OSU and only available to OSU students. This guarantees that the credits you earn will transfer seamlessly and that you will continue to receive your financial aid.

For more information, contact Dr. Geoff Barstow at


Study Abroad in China, 2016

In September 2016, Professor Lei Xue led a two-week study-abroad trip to China, visiting world-class museums, famous historical sites, and the spectacular Yellow Mountain (Huang Shan). In addition to obtaining first-hand experience with museum art objects, scholar’s gardens, and Buddhist temples, students were also able to participate in hands-on activities, including ink painting and calligraphy with guest artists. Professor Xue is looking forward to leading future study-abroad trips to China and other Asian countries.