Why learn Italian?

  • Broaden your understanding and appreciation of Italian culture. Italy, the origin of the language, has the most UNESCO world heritage sites in the world and has been captivating people worldwide by its rich and intricate legacy. Italian words are ubiquitous in art, music, design, food & wine, and architecture.
  • According to World Population Review, Italian is the second most widely spoken native language in the European Union with 67 million native speakers. There are about 13.4 million EU citizens who speak Italian as their second language, and the total number of Italian speakers around the world is about 85 million.
  • Knowledge of a second language has become increasingly important with the globalization of business and industry. Italy is the world's fifth largest industrial producer of goods, making Italian speakers a valuable asset to many large, global companies.

Our courses:  -First Year Italian (IT 111, IT 112, IT 113); -Second Year Italian (IT 211, IT 212, IT 213); -Women in Italian Cinema (IT 261).  

NOTE: All of our Italian courses are now taught exclusively online through Ecampus.


Meet OSU Italian instructors Nobuko Wingard and Raven Chakerian!

For the placement test, please see the information on the World Languages and Cultures Placement Testing page. If you have any questions pertaining to Italian courses, please contact the Italian instructor: Nobuko Wingard.