Placement Test | World Languages and Cultures

Dear Student,

Thank you for your note and interest in the World Languages and Cultures programs at Oregon State University. The test is computer based, multiple choice, and adapts to proficiency as you go. We offer this test for the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish. Keep in mind the following before taking the test.

All tests must be taken within 30 days of signing in for access to the placement exams.

You can take the test only one time per language during your OSU affiliation; only the first attempt will be recorded, no exceptions. Only take it if you know you will be taking language courses in the current academic year, otherwise your results will be outdated for the following school year.

Degree/credential-seeking students, not sure if you have to take the placement test? If you're doing a BS, and you are not planning on taking language courses, you do not have to take the test, unless you need to take language courses for the admissions language requirement. All students interested in taking language courses and those fulfilling the BA language requirement, who do not have AP/IB, or college credit, are required to take a language placement test before enrolling in a language course. If you have AP/IB, or college credit, an academic advisor can recommend a course once your credit has been added to MyDegrees. You can hold off on taking the placement test for now. Once your credits have been added to MyDegrees, contact the WLC advisor. See advising section below. 

Non-degree students need to take the placement test. Please note that we do not review transcripts.

Prospective students can take the placement test. Where it prompts you to enter a student ID, you may enter 000000000, although your score cannot  be recorded and you will not be able to register for a class until you provide your OSU ID#.  Using your OSU email account, you may send a note to Helen Wilhelm with this information.

To prepare for the test, please read below:

  • Have your OSU ID# ready to enter at the testing portal. If you do not have an ID, contact the Office of Admissions. Prospective students enter a 000000000.   
  • Provide your OSU email address, and only this address. Don't have one? Create one here. Prospective students enter a personal email address where you can be contacted.  
  • This test takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  
  • Please make sure you only have the testing window open.
  • By taking the test, you also promise not to cheat. Resources cannot be used. Doing so will violate the Code of Student Conduct at Oregon State University

To begin your test please go to No passwords are needed.

Additional Test Information

Didn't find your language? We offer the Japanese placement test in a written form in person in 210 Kidder Hall, the office of World Languages and Cultures. Allow about two hours for the exam. The office is open M-F, 8am-12pm and 1-5pm. Please contact Fumiko Nakamura, to set up an appointment for the Japanese test. Ecampus students inquiring about the Japanese placement test should email Mika Archer.

Students seeking an Italian placement exam should email Nobuko Wingard.

Students seeking a Korean placement exam should email Sunyoung Kim.

If you are seeking a language test that we do not offer, to test out of the BA language requirement: Second-year proficiency in a second language, including ASL, at the college level with at least a C-, please take a look at the information below.

The following tests are not administered through OSU, but have been approved to satisfy this requirement. You will need to make arrangements on your own for these exams.

  • ACTFL OPi (American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages / Oral Proficiency Interview) - Cost is around $140 for the test (subject to change). Your proctor may also charge a fee. Schedule the exam and find a location that is convenient for you. Please note that when registering for this test, test site options and proctor information should be offered.
  • BYU Flats (Brigham Young University / Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service) - Cost is around $50 for the test (subject to change). Your proctor may also charge a fee. Schedule the exam and find a location that is convenient for you. Please note that when registering for this test, test site options and proctor information should be offered.

Submit your final scores and documentation to the WLC Advisor, Freddy León to have the BA language requirement marked off.

All requests for the Second Language Admission Requirement must go to the Office of Admissions.


If the placement score indicates "See Advisor," please allow two business days (M-F) for the score to be entered into our system, and for someone in our office to contact you regarding your placement.  

Have additional questions? Contact the World Languages and Cultures Advisor, Freddy León or call at 541-737-3945.

Interested in a major or minor in a world language? Set up an appointment to go over the requirements and class registration. Follow this link to make an appointment. Select Unit: World Languages and Cultures, Select Advisor: Freddy-WLC, Select Appointment Type: your choice, and finally choose your date and time.