The Program:


The Asian Languages and Cultures minor program offers two concentrations: Chinese and Japanese. These are combinations of language study and culture study. We currently offer three years of language instruction in Chinese and Japanese, and three Chinese and three Japanese culture courses taught in English. The culture courses also fulfill the Baccalaureate Core’s requirement for cultural diversity. China and Japan related field credits from study abroad can also be used to fulfill the requirements.

Requirements for the Asian Languages and Cultures minor (PDF)

Chinese language program and the Japanese language program are a part of this minor.


Students minoring in Asian Languages and Cultures will:

  1. Develop proficiency in both spoken and written Chinese or Japanese
  2. Contextualize knowledge related to the history, geography, social conditions, and cultural production of China or Japan
  3. Analyze the relationships between the cultures of China or Japan and other world cultures

This minor program provides a path for both science / engineering students and liberal arts students to gain knowledge of both language and culture.  This is especially useful to those students who want to work in China and Japan or who want to work for Chinese and Japanese companies in the future.