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Corvallis, OR 97331
Ph.D. Sociology (emphasis areas in Environment/Natural Resource and Rural Sociology), Utah State University
Honors and Awards: 
  • Oregon State University Graduate Mentor of the Year Award
  • Rural Sociological Society Excellence in Teaching Award
  • College of Liberal Arts Researcher of the Year, Oregon State University

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Affiliated with: 
School of Public Policy
Research/Career Interests: 

Areas of Interest:

  • Natural Resource Sociology
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Community Resilience
  • Rural Sociology

Recent Funded Projects:

  • Co-Investigator (with M. Needham (PI)), “A Longitudinal Assessment of Resident Perceptions of Oregon’s Marine Reserves” Oregon Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, 5/1/20-6/30/22 
  • Principle Investigator, (with M. Maldanado, H. Egna, and F. Conway), “Enhancing community resilience and seafood sustainability through a diverse seafood processing workforce” NOAA, 9/1/19-8/31/22
  • Co-Investigator, (with D. Cox and H. Wang (PI)), “An Integrated Social Science and Agent-based Modeling Approach to Improve Life Safety from Near-field Tsunami Hazards” NSF/CMMI, 5/1/2016-4/30/2019
  • Principle Investigator, (with F. Conway), “The Old(er) Men of the Sea: The Graying of the fishing industry and its impact on local community resiliency” NOAA/Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program, 9/1/2016-8/31/20

Recent Publications:

  • Haugen, B.I., L.A. Cramer, G.G. Waldbusser, F.D.L. Conway. 2021. Resilience and adaptive capacity of Oregon’s fishing community: Cumulative impacts of climate change and the graying of the fleet. Marine Policy. 126 (April).
  • Utami, A. and L.A. Cramer. 2020. Political, social, and human capital in the face of climate change: Case of rural Indonesia. Community Development Journal. 51(5): 556-574.
  • Chen, C., A. Buylova, C. Cadell, H. Wang, L.A. Cramer and D. Cox. 2020. Household Intended evacuation transportation behavior to earthquake and tsunami hazard in a cascadia subduction zone city. Transportation Research Record. 2674(7):99-114.
  • Johnston, J. R., M.D. Needham, L.A. Cramer and T.C. Swearingen. 2020. Public values and attitudes toward marine reserves and marine wilderness. Coastal Management, 48(2), 142-163.
  • Jacobs, D.B. and L.A. Cramer. 2020. Social capital in forested communities: Adapting to climate change and increasing wildfire risks in rural communities in central Oregon. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 10:12-20.
  • Buylova, A., C. Chen, L.A. Cramer, H. Wang, D. Cox. 2020. Household risk perceptions and evacuation intentions in earthquake and tsunami in a cascadia subduction zone. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 44, April 2020.

Regularly Taught Courses:

  • SOC 206 - Social Problems and Issues (on campus)
  • SOC 454/454 - Leisure & Culture (online)
  • SOC 475/575 - Rural Sociology (on campus and online)
  • SOC 480/580 - Environmental Sociology (on campus and online)
  • SOC 581 - Society & Natural Resources (online)