Professor - Sociology; Assistant Director - Marine Studies Undergraduate Program

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Ph.D. Sociology (emphasis areas in Environment/Natural Resource and Rural Sociology), Utah State University


  • SOC206 – Social Problems and Issues
  • SOC381 – Social Dimensions of Sustainability
  • SOC475/575 – Rural Sociology
  • SOC480/580 – Environmental Sociology
  • SOC481/581 – Society and Natural Resources

Research Interests

  • Natural Resource Sociology
  • Community Resilience
  • Rural Sociology
  • Environmental Sociology

Recent Funded Projects:

Co-Investigator (with P. Fifita (PI)), "Indigenous (Re)envisioning and Restoration of Anahola Seascapes" PEW Charitable Trust, 1/1/2024-3/15/2025. (

Co-Investigator (with M. Needham (PI)), “A Longitudinal Assessment of Resident Perceptions of Oregon’s Marine Reserves” Oregon Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, 5/1/20-6/30/22 

Principle Investigator, (with M. Maldanado, H. Egna, and F. Conway), “Enhancing community resilience and seafood sustainability through a diverse seafood processing workforce” NOAA, 9/1/19-8/31/22

Principle Investigator, (with F. Conway), “The Old(er) Men of the Sea: The Graying of the fishing industry and its impact on local community resiliency” NOAA/Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program, 9/1/2016-8/31/20

Co-Investigator, (with D. Cox and H. Wang (PI)), “An Integrated Social Science and Agent-based Modeling Approach to Improve Life Safety from Near-field Tsunami Hazards” NSF/CMMI, 5/1/2016-4/30/2019

Recent Publications:

Cramer, L.A., J Beaullieu, J. Doyle, M. Maldonado, H. Egna, M. Johnson, F.D.L. Conway. 2023. The importance of the seafood processing sector to coastal community resilience. Marine  Policy.

Platt, E., S. Charnley, J. Bailey, and L.A. Cramer. 2022. Adaptive Governance in Frequent-Fire Landscapes. Society and Natural Resources.

VanRiper, F., K. Russel, D. L.A. Cramer, Tillias, J. Laporte, E. Lloyd, and S. Kramer. 2022. Container-based sanitation services and attrition: An examination of drivers and implications. Frontiers in Environmental Science and Policy. Volume 9 (February) 

VanRiper, F., K. Russel, D. Tillias, L.A. Cramer, J. Laporte, E. Lloyd, and S. Kramer. 2022.The sanitation arc: An alternative examination of WASH behavior change.Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Vol 12 (1): 90-101. 

Chen, C. A. Mostafizi, H. Wang, D. Cox, and L.A. Cramer. 2022. Evacuation behaviors in tsunami drills. Natural Hazards. 

Haugen, B.I., L.A. Cramer, G.G. Waldbusser, F.D.L. Conway. 2021. Resilience and adaptive capacity of Oregon’s fishing community: Cumulative impacts of climate change and the graying of the fleet. Marine Policy. 126 (April).

Utami, A. and L.A. Cramer. 2020. Political, social, and human capital in the face of climate change: Case of rural Indonesia. Community Development Journal. 51(5): 556-574.

Chen, C., A. Buylova, C. Cadell, H. Wang, L.A. Cramer and D. Cox. 2020. Household Intended evacuation transportation behavior to earthquake and tsunami hazard in a cascadia subduction zone city. Transportation Research Record. 2674(7):99-114.

Johnston, J. R., M.D. Needham, L.A. Cramer and T.C. Swearingen. 2020. Public values and attitudes toward marine reserves and marine wilderness. Coastal Management, 48(2), 142-163.

Jacobs, D.B. and L.A. Cramer. 2020. Social capital in forested communities: Adapting to climate change and increasing wildfire risks in rural communities in central Oregon. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 10:12-20.

Buylova, A., C. Chen, L.A. Cramer, H. Wang, D. Cox. 2020. Household risk perceptions and evacuation intentions in earthquake and tsunami in a cascadia subduction zone. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 44, April 2020.

Honors and Awards: 

Oregon State University Graduate Mentor of the Year Award

Rural Sociological Society Excellence in Teaching Award

College of Liberal Arts Researcher of the Year, Oregon State University

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Policy Areas: Natural resource sociology, environmental sociology, social impact assessment, rural sociology.

PhD: Utah State University

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