The Asian Studies Program at Oregon State University offers an undergraduate minor that fosters knowledge and understanding of Asia from an interdisciplinary perspective. Course offerings are drawn from a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including AnthropologyEthnic StudiesForeign LanguagesHistoryPhilosophy, andPolitical Science.

The Asian Studies undergraduate minor program provides an opportunity for students majoring in fields such as business, engineering, or sciences who will be working in Asia or with Asian populations to gain a significant degree of cultural literacy that will be critical for their professional success. In addition, the program is an outstanding supplement to a traditional liberal arts major for students with particular interests in Asia, who want to study abroad, or who plan to go on to do graduate work in Asian related areas.

If you are considering an undergraduate minor in Asian Studies, please contact one of the program co-Chairs: Hua-Yu Li, or Bryan Tilt.