Save the Date: June 25-28, 2024

The 2024 Oregon State University High School Teacher's Workshop:  Held with support from the American Psychological Foundation and the American Psychological Association will be on the campus of Oregon State University.

APA, the APA TOPSS Committee, the American Psychological Foundation, and Oregon State University are pleased to announce an extended summer workshop for high school psychology teachers.

This professional development experience provides the opportunity to share peer-to-peer creative ideas and learn new concepts to enhance teaching skills further.  Come:

  • Learn from experienced teacher presenters
  • Listen to faculty research presentations and a keynote address
  • Network with one another


Application Is Now Closed! Acceptance letters will be delivered via email upon decision. 

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TBD. Please stand by while we finalize our attendance numbers for this years workshop. After we have confirmed everyone's attendance, we will send out an email directing you to this section of the page that will detail how you can receive your travel stipend. 


Please wait to fill out your housing information and requests until after you have received an acceptance letter to the workshop. Remember that the conference dates are June 25th - 28th. If you are visiting OR before or after the workshop dates, please make sure to arrange your own housing and travel for your personal events. 

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Please wait to fill out your flight information and requests until after you have received an acceptance letter to the workshop. Remember that the conference dates are June 25th - 28th. Oregon is a beautiful state, if you wish to schedule your travel to arrive early or stay later than the conference dates for your own purposes outside of the conference, we encourage it! Visit the link below to tell us about your flight information. 

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Master Teachers

Eric Castro

Eric E Castro is a psychology educator with 26 years of teaching experience. At St. Ignatius College Prep, he taught AP Psychology for 20 years, along with courses in Public Speaking, and World History; he currently teaches Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Ethnic Studies. Eric has served as Department Chair for the Social Sciences and as an Educational Technologist for seven years and was the chief architect of his school's one-to-one program. As a published author, he co-authored a book on the future of Secondary Education, and recently completed a project for the APA focusing on decolonizing the Introduction to Psychology syllabus. He is the co-founder of NorCalTOPSS. Eric resides in San Francisco with his wife and enjoys working on his 84-year-old house, seeing live music, and distance running.



Kara Beiswanger 

Kara Beiswanger is a teacher of advanced placement Psychology at Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs, CO. She has a B.A in Psychology,  Political Science and French, as well as a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from The University of South Dakota. She has been living and teaching in Colorado for 20 years. She is a reader for the College Board AP Psychology exam, and works as a lecturer in Introduction to Psychology at the University of Colorado, Denver. She is the founder of Front Range Teachers of Psychology. Outside of teaching, Kara enjoys spending time in the Rocky Mountains with her friends & family, reading, gardening and fostering rescue dogs. 


Schedule Overview

Tuesday June 25th, 2024:


Participants Begin Arriving


Check in at West Residence Hall; 391 SW 30th St


Dinner McMenamins on Monroe; 420 NW 3rd St


Wednesday June 26th, 2024:


Breakfast @West Dining Hall 351 SW 30th Street


Introductions @Peavy Forrest Science Center rm 125


Education Session 1: Teaching and Learning in the Age of AI: Navigating the opportunities and challenges for high school psychology. Eric Castro


Faculty Talk: Jason McCarley




Education Session 2: Kara Beiswanger




Faculty Talk: Daniel Bradford


Faculty Talk: Holly Zell


Undergrad Panel




Lab Tours


Social BBQ Reed Back Porch

After 8:00

Optional Shuttle Service provided to Downtown Corvallis


Thursday June 27th, 2024:


Breakfast @West Dining Hall 351 SW 30th Street


Education Session 3: Aligning Secondary IPI Student Learning Outcomes in the classroom with Post-Secondary Research. Kara Beiswanger


Mentee/Mentor Pairing




Education Session 4: Aligning with APA Standards: Enhancing high school psychology education with APA’s Diversity Initiative. Eric Castro.




Education Session 5: Disseminating Research to the High School Classroom Kara and Eric


Education Session 6: Things We Were Taught That We Ought Not Be Teaching Anymore: The replication crisis and high school Psych Eric Castro


Transportation to Newport Oregon


Tour of Hatfield Marine Science Center


Dinner at Local Oceans Seafood


Nye Beach Sunset viewing part (weather permitting)


Friday June 28th, 2024:


Breakfast @West Dining Hall 351 SW 30th Street


Education Session 7: Confidence and Uncertainty: A Colleague Swap of Lessons and Best Practices. Kara Beiswanger.




Closing remarks, Reflections, and Evaluations


Accommodations for Disabilities

Accommodations for disabilities may be made by calling 541.737.2311 at least one week in advance.



Contact attention: Otis