If you are a psychology student at Oregon State University or are just interested in learning more about psychology and planning events for your peers then you’ve come to the right place! Check back here or follow up on social media for updates on our meeting times.

To find out more about what our club does check out our past events page. If you’d like to meet our officer team click on the officer tab at the top or come meet us in person at one of our meetings! If you are interested in finding resources related to psychology head over to our resources tab. We hope to add potential job posts and opportunities for psychology students.

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All occur on Wednesdays from 6 - 7 pm in STAG 160:

  • Week 3 - Grad Student Q&A
  • Week 5 - Table Top Game Night
  • Week 7 - Career Panel
  • Week 8 - Psychology Trivia Night
  • Week 10 - TBD

President: Lilija Laurins-Court

Vice President of Social Media: Hannah Metz

Social Media Designer: Vanessa Kraetschmer

Vice President of Research and Resources: Almonique Balisi

Resource Assistants: Kenzie Meyer and Madisyn Haney

Vice President of Outreach and Welcome: Sarah Esqueda

General Officer: Misgana Merid

Treasurer: Hannah White

Secretary: Lehua Rowland

- Cards for Kids for Trillium Family Services

- OHSU Lab Tours

- Trivia Nights - Psychology and Misc Questions

- Community Building with Bingo

- Decorate a Journal with Fellow Psych Students - Collaboration with the Craft Center!

Scan the QR for a list of on and off campus resources

The Executive Committee

President: Vision, Planning, and External Liaison


  1. Develop long and short term plans for the club
  2. Communicate with outside organizations and people for events and partnerships
  3. Communicate with all levels of leadership on upcoming events/plans/goals/projects etc.
  4. Lead officer meetings and facilitate communication within the club
  5. Uphold club commitment to inclusivity and mental health awareness 
  6. Select or nominate new officers


Vice President: Internal Communication and Management


  1. Each VP is responsible for one of the three committees (Social Media, Outreach and Research)
  2. Each VP is responsible for training the officers within their committees 
  3. Manage communication within committees and between higher levels of leadership
  4. Assign tasks and responsibilities to committee members
  5. Build upon goals set out by the president and the rest of the club 
  6. Creating an environment for creativity and innovation 
  7. Select or nominate new officers


Treasurer: Money Management 


  1. Make budget for the year or term
  2. Maintain records of purchases


Secretary: Organization and note distribution


  1. Maintain and improve organization within the club (ex. Google Drive and Box)
  2. Record and distribute notes during officer meetings 
  3. Manage member and officer rosters and contact information (phone # and email)


The Outreach & Welcome Committee

Outreach & Welcome Officer: Event Planning, Recruitment, and Collaborations


  1. Develop and execute ideas for club recruitment and promoting club to OSU community through things such as tabling, candy handouts during midterms/finals weeks, etc.
  2. Reach out to communities, programs, or organizations we want to work and partner with
  3. Includes creating relationships with ongoing contacts of said communities and developing possible partnered events or volunteer opportunities
  4. Provide a welcoming, kind, and inclusive environment for community members
  5. Review past events and make recommendations/improvements
  6. Plan, gather needed materials, and information for Psyched Out events
  7. Includes adhering to OSU’s policies of nondiscrimination, making sure all events 0are accessible to all, and safety

Historian: Records, memories, & documentation


  1. Keeping track of pictures to put into the drive
  2. Creating documents of  information about events, what we liked about them, and how we might improve it next time
  3. Make newsletter or compilations of events during the term


The Resources Committee

General Duties:

  1. Compiles resources specific for events put on by the club
  2. Compiles resources for the week self care sunday post 
  3. Listens to students in and outside the club for what kind of resources they desire
  4. Keep an open ear to events and new or under promoted resources the school provides
  5. Adhere to OSU’s policies of nondiscrimination, making sure all events are accessible to all

VP Resource Officer: Gathers resources and opportunities for students


  1. Keeps in contact with the other leadership officers to make sure the club has the resources needed for events
  2. Contributes to self care sunday
  3. Gather resources such as jobs, events, and internships

Resource Assistant: Gathers resources and opportunities for students


  1. Contributes to self care sunday
  2. Helps compile resources for events


The Social Media Committee

General Officer Duties:

  1. Provide communication to Psyched Out members and community through social media platforms (Instagram and Twitter)
  2. Decrease mental health stigma, promote mental hygiene and distribute empirically based resources through social media
  3. Keep track of upcoming projects, holidays, social awareness events etc.
    1. Archive media related materials for completed events
  4. Adhere to OSU's Policy of Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disabilities by creating media that is accessible to all individuals
    1. Create graphics that are accessible for text to speech programs for social media products

Graphic Design: Club Representation and Information Distribution


  1. Create graphics and flyers that are distributed through social media platforms, email and websites
  2. Proficiency in graphic design platforms (Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.)
    1. Any platform is fine!

Web Design: Club Representation and Information Distribution


  1. Update and maintain the official Psyched Out Club OSU page: https://blogs.oregonstate.edu/psyched/
  2. Proficiency with WordPress and/or general web design experience

Media Manager: Club Representation and Information Distribution


  1. Post graphics and flyers created by the Graphic Designer(s) on social media platforms: Twitter and Instagram
  2. Write enticing captions that balance description and information for each social media post

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