The School of Psychological Science faculty members include accomplished researchers, authors, and presenters who are actively engaged in contributing to the civic, economic, and social foundations of society. Research programs within the school aim to advance theoretical understanding of the brain and mind, and to provide a foundation for practical applications in areas such as education and health. Specific research interests range from the study of single cells within the brain to interpersonal processes within groups.

Learn more by visiting our research labs, feel free to contact them if you are interested in their research. If you are interested in what some of our undergraduates are researching with our Faculty. Check out our Undergraduate Research page.

Each term, SPS offers a series of exciting talks by the faculty and affiliates of the School of Psychological Science @ OSU. These colloquia offer an informal venue to discuss completed and ongoing research of broad interest, and are open to all OSU researchers. If you have any questions, are interested in presenting your own research in a future term, or have disability accommodation requests, please contact Dr. Kristen Macuga

View one of talks in the Colloquia series by clicking on the YouTube link here: