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Adjustment, Identity, and Racism (AIR) Lab

Dr. Steven Sanders studies the experiences of historically marginalized individuals. Specifically, examining the identity and adjustment processes of Black and Brown people.

christopher sanchez
Applied Cognitive Theory, Usability & Learning (ACTUAL) Lab

Dr. Christopher Sanchez studies Individual differences, design of learning environments, STEM learning and instruction, human factors, human-computer interaction, visualizations, working-memory capacity, spatial reasoning, technology-mediated collaboration, text processing, cognitive performance under physical pain, small devices, eye-tracking, consumer branding, bilingualism, adaptive technology, and perceptual judgments.

Applied Social Cognition (ASC) Lab

Dr. Regan A.R. Gurung research encompasses social, health, and pedagogical psychology and is currently investigating ways to diffuse prejudice and sexism, and unpacking the factors that can increase learning. 

Ascend Lab

Dr. Kathryn Becker Blease studies child abuse and trauma across the lifespan, Science of Teaching and Learning, and Implementation Science in Higher Education. She is also interested in ethical methods for researching and teaching about difficult topics like trauma.

Attention and Performance Lab

Dr. Mei-Ching Lien studies the relationship between attention and human performance as well as cognitive changes associated with aging.

Biology and Emotion of Addiction Via Experimental and Reproducible Science (BEAVERS) Lab

Dr. Daniel Bradford studies the role of stress reactivity in mental health using experimental psychopathology and open, reproducible, and equitable psychophysiological methods with focus on psychological processes at the interface of affect and addiction. 

Cognition and Action in Real & Virtual Environments (CARVE) Lab

Dr. Kristen Macuga studies engineering psychology, multi-sensory perception, motor control and learning, action observation, motor imagery, tool use, virtual reality, driving, and cognitive neuroscience (fMRI).

Kathleen Bogart
Disability & Social Interaction Lab

Dr. Kathleen Bogart studies attitudes toward people with disabilities and the way people with disabilities adapt to their conditions and manage stigma. Specifically, much of her work focuses on facial movement disorders (e.g. facial paralysis, Parkinson’s disease).

Learning and Cognition Lab

Dr. Shana Carpenter studies learning and memory, including theoretical mechanisms involved in memory formation and retrieval, myths and misconceptions about memory, and how to improve the efficiency of students’ learning in real-world situations.

Motivation & Engagement for Student Success (MESS) Lab

Dr. Goldman’s research focuses on increasing first-generation college student retention in higher education through task value and engagement interventions.

Perception, Cognition and Performance Lab

Dr. Jason McCarley studies Attention, Decision making, Human Factors, and Bayesian Statistics.

Psychophysiology, Intersectionality, Latinx, & Acculturative Science (PILAS) Lab

Dr. Iván Carbajal studies cultural neuroscience, specifically looking at the unique cognitive process in bicultural and bilingual Latinxs, and in racial, social justice, and critical consciousness identity development.

auroa sherman
Research on Internalization, Sexualization, and Equity (RISE) Lab

Dr. Aurora Sherman studies gender, gender socialization and health and social relationships across the life span, as well as personality factors in satisfaction with relationship, and the impact of sexualization on psycho-social and cognitive functioning in childhood and adulthood.

Sleep Health Assessment, Intervention & Dissemination (SHAID) Lab

Dr. Jessee Dietch is a licensed clinical psychologist and board-certified in behavioral sleep medicine. Her research specifically focuses on 1) developing, testing, and disseminating behavioral sleep health interventions, 2) characterizing sleep health in special populations, and 3) developing and evaluating measures of sleep health and sleep disorders.

Substance Use & Neurocognition (SUN) Lab

Dr. Anita Cservenka studies the effects of young adult substance use (primarily cannabis and alcohol use) on neurocognitive functioning, behavior, and health outcomes.

Youth Adjustment Lab

Dr. David Kerr studies individual, community, and policy-level influences on substance use, health, and adjustment among adolescents and young adults.