The School of Psychological Science Psychology Engagement Scholarship provides $1000 for an undergraduate's educational expenses and is awarded based on academic performance, engagement in psychological activities, such as participating in research or completing an internship, and promise for the future. The award is given based on financial need.

Psychology Engagement Scholarship Awardees:

2023 Claudia Garcia
2022 Ashlynn Barwig
2021 Benjamin Wenndorf 
2020 Karli Readr
2019 Saki Nakai
2018 Morgan Stosic





  • CLA Outstanding Seniors, SPS:
    • Emile De Pooter, nominated by Mei-Ching Lien
    • Britnie Gwynn, nominated by Kathleen Bogart and Shirley Mann
    • Jannah Moussaoui, nominated by Jason McCarley and Hannah Lawrence
    • Saki Nakai, nominated by Regan Gurung and Kathryn Becker-Blease
  • Culture of Writing Award: Renee Waldren, Jordan Denbo, Joshua Spencer for their shared paper "The Effects of Laptop's Distraction on Learning"
  • Best Honor’s Thesis Award: Rebecca Killion for her paper “Associations Between State Alcohol Tax Policies and College Sexual Assault Offenses”
  • Thurgood Marshall Award: John Richmond Sy


Previous SPS Student Awards

Prior to 2018, the Psychology Scholar Award honored three Psychology majors each academic year who had shown strong academic performance, maintaining a 3.5 GPA or above, and had been nominated by a professor for outstanding involvement in Psychology, either in research labs, internships, or student organizations. Each awardee received an award certificate, $200, and their names engraved on the award plaque in Reed Lodge.

  • College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Senior, SPS:
    • Noelle Galardi, nominated by Regan A.R. Gurung & Shirley Mann
    • Azriella Lewis-Lopez, nominated by Ameer Almuaybid
    • Megan Griffin, nominated by Dean Lawrence Rodgers & Mei-Ching Lien
    • Benjamin Wenndorf, nominated by Mei-Ching Lien 
  • Culture of Writing Award: Brady Goracke & Erin Hogan,  nominated by Mei-Ching Lien
  • Best Honor’s Thesis Award: Angelina Conrow, nominated by Regan A.R. Gurung for “Asian American Women and Clothing Perceptions: A Study of Intersectionality”
  • IHS SIG Outstanding Trainee Award: Kalina Lamb Fahey, SPS Doctoral Candidate
  • Lenore Bayley Graduate Scholarship: Emily Burgess
  • Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health Summer Institute Graduate Scholarship: Joanna DeMeyer
  • College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Senior, SPS:
    • Callan Jackman, nominated by Regan A.R. Gurung
    • Shrida Sharma, nominated by Frank Bernieri
    • Kimberly Vele, nominated by Anita Cservenka
  • Psychology Engagement Scholarship: Benjamin Wenndorf
  • Best Psychology Honor’s Thesis Award: Kimberly Vele, nominated by Anita Cservenka
  • Culture of Writing Award: Rhythm Kristich, nominated by Kristen Yax
  • College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Senior, SPS:
    • Sabrina Denton, nominated by Anita Cservenka
    • Lena Hildenbrand, nominated by Chris Sanchez
    • Isabella Karabinas, nominated by John Edwards
    • Bianca Robison, nominated by Mei Lien
  • Psychology Engagement Scholarship: Karli Read
  • Best Psychology  Honor’s Thesis Award: Isabella Karabinas, nominated by John Edwards, for “Empathy-Induced Distress: A Psychophysiological Approach”
  • Culture of Writing Award: Diego Rodriguez, nominated by David Kerr, for “A Culturally Specific, Multi-Component Suicide Prevention Program for Adolescent American Indians on Reservations"
  • College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Senior, SPS:
    • Jessie Li
    • Morgan Stosic
  • Psychology Engagement Scholarship: Saki Nakai
  • Best Psychology Honors Thesis Award: Jorie Casey, "Effects of Marijuana on Risky Decision-Making in Young Adult College Students"
  • Culture of Writing Award: Annie Cao "Physicians and Treading Addiction in Patients"
  • Goldwater Scholar by the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation: Isabella Karabinas
  • Honors College Center for the Humanities Summer Internship: Maia Insinga
  • 2019-20 Oregon Lottery Scholarship: Zoe Alley (Ph.D. candidate)
  • Lenore Bayley Graduate Fellowship by OSU Graduate School: Raechel Soicher (Ph.D. candidate)
  • Psychology Engagement Scholarship: Morgan Stosic
  • Culture of Writing Award: Hannah Lea
  • College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Senior, SPS: Jaqueline Yates
  • Psychology Scholar award: Emily Webe
  • Psychology Scholar award: Joshua Zheng
  • Psychology Scholar award: Nick Zike
  • Culture of Writing Award: Allison Daley
  • Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity Grant: Annabell Schulz
  • Psychology Scholar Award Fall: Madison Sween
  • Psychology Scholar Award Winter: Mia McFadden
  • Psychology Scholar Award Spring: Amber Fultz
  • Culture of Writing Award: Joshua Zheng
  • URSA Engage Award: Yen (Rose) Nguyen
  • Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity Summer Grant: Amber Fultz
  • Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Creativity Award: Duy Nguyen
  • Psychology Scholar Award Fall: Mariah Estill
  • Psychology Scholar Award Winter: Logan Pederson
  • Psychology Scholar Award Spring: Hannah Thompson
  • Culture of Writing Award: Zoe Chrisman-Miller
  • Florence Gradon Ragen and Louis Brooks Ragen Scholarship: Andrey Morozov
  • Tom & Pat Gallagher Scholarship: Lane Thompson
  • Psychology Scholar Award Fall: Brigitta Burgess
  • Psychology Scholar Award Winter: Dave Downing
  • Psychology Scholar Award Spring: Emily Sokoloff
  • Psychology Scholar Award Fall: Sarah Schuck
  • Psychology Scholar Award Winter: Geoff Bloom
  • Psychology Scholar Award Spring: Stacy Sim
  • Psychology Scholar Award Fall: Nathan Herdener
  • Psychology Scholar Award Winter: Pamela Lundeberg
  • Psychology Scholar Award Spring: Jesseanne Pope
  • Psychology Scholar Award Fall: Angelica Falkenstein
  • Psychology Scholar Award Winter: Nichole Cranston
  • Psychology Scholar Award Spring: Elissa Boudreau-Barbee