The Philosophy Major requires courses in the traditional core fields of philosophy, such as the history of philosophy, logic and critical thinking, epistemology, and value theory. Students must complete at least 44 credit hours in philosophy with the following provisions:

  • At least 44 total credits of PHL courses.
  • At least 24 credits must be upper division.
  • No courses used to satisfy the requirements of major may be taken S/U.
  • Only courses with C– or better will be accepted for the major.
  • Students must have a 2.5 GPA in those courses used to satisfy the requirements of the major.

Philosophy Program Student Learning Outcomes (for Academic Programs and Assessment)

Four Year Degree Maps  (Talk with philosophy advisor Dr. Marta Kunecka about possibilities for completing your philosophy major in four years.)

The Philosophy Minor requires a course in the history of philosophy and a course in logic, as well as elective courses. Students must complete 27 credit hours in philosophy with the following provisions:

  • 12 credits must be from upper division philosophy courses (300 or 400 level);
  • At least 3 of the 12 upper division credits must come from 400 level course work;
  • Students must receive a grade of C- or above in any philosophy course counting toward the minor;
  • With the exception of one elective course, courses graded S/U will not count toward fulfilling the minor requirements

To help you visualize what your philosophy studies might look like, we have created subject based Pathways that give sample groupings of courses that can be used to fulfill requirements for both the major and minor.  


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