The philosophy program at OSU is designed to help students develop moral reasoning and critical thinking skills in the service of an engaged life.  Through coursework, campus events, and community involvement, our students learn how to identify, analyze, and resolve ethical, political, and epistemic issues, mentored by faculty who are actively involved in ethics and social justice research across a wide array of disciplines on the environment, religion, biomedicine, global justice, peace and conflict studies, and more.



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Listen to an interview with Dr. Nicole von Germeten about her new book “Profit and Passion: Transactional Sex in Colonial Mexico”

Jun 14, 2018

Nicole Von Germeten, “Profit and Passion: Transactional Sex in Colonial Mexico” (U California Press, 2018)  

Kudos to Dr. Rena Lauer on her recent Medieval Academy Publication Subvention award!

Jun 6, 2018

We are very pleased to announce that the 2018 Medieval Academy Publication Subvention has been awarded to Rena Lauer (Oregon State University) to support the publication of her forthcoming monograph,Colonial Justice and the Jews of Venetian Crete (Philadelphia: University of … Continue reading

Food of the Faithful – Tibetan studies scholar Geoffrey Barstow explores the limits of Buddhism

Jun 4, 2018

Available sources almost universally agree that meat is delicious. Perhaps more importantly, meat is often considered necessary for human health. Compassion, placing the needs of others before ones own, lies at the very center of Tibetan religious rhetoric and self-conception. … Continue reading

Religious studies program sees increase in non-religious students

May 7, 2018

Community members call for increased recognition of different religions from university. Among adults in Oregon, 68 percent of people identify as participants of a major religion, according to Pewforums 2016 survey. Being a university that is home to both domestic … Continue reading

Check out Dr. Marisa Chappell’s contribution to this new book Democracy and the Welfare State: The Two Wests in the Age of Austerity

Dec 13, 2017

After World War II, states on both sides of the Atlantic enacted comprehensive social benefits to protect working people and constrain capitalism. A widely shared consensus specifically linked social welfare to democratic citizenship, upholding greater equality as the glue that … Continue reading

School of History, Philosophy, and Religion Events

School of History, Philosophy, and Religion Events

School of History, Philosophy, and Religion Events Feed

African Americans Against the Bomb at The Valley Library

Dr. Linda Marie Richards will lead a discussion about human rights and the 2017 UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. She will provide an update on the progress…

From Selma to Moscow: How Human Rights Activists Transformed U.S. Foreign Policy at Memorial Union Building (MU)

In From Selma to Moscow, Sarah B. Snyder traces the influence of human rights activists and advances a new interpretation of U.S. foreign policy in the “long 1960s.” She shows…
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