Philosophy Students

Our emphasis on engaged philosophy offers alternatives to the ways we currently understand ourselves and our relation to nature and each other in our technologically complex, global economy.   At the undergraduate level we offer a major in philosophy, as well as a minor.

We also have three unique interdisciplinary minor certificate programs: Applied Ethics, Medical Humanities, and Peace Studies.

At the graduate level we offer a Masters in Applied Ethics, and we also participate in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program.

Additionally, the members of the Philosophy program at OSU are involved in and supported by a number of affiliated projects and programs:

  • The Hundere Endowed Chair of Religion and Culture initiates and sponsors numerous programs that provide alternative understandings of historical and contemporary religious and spiritual policymakers and leaders in resource management, on the impact of economic growth, and traditions of social progress on the environment.
  • The Spring Creek Project focuses on the links between environmental philosophy, literature, and culture.
  • Philosophy's annual IDEAS MATTER Public Lecture Series, provides an ongoing forum for the discussion of citizenship in the new century.
  • The Phronesis Lab for Engaged Ethics supports ethics research that is interdisciplinary, innovative, and engaged, with a focus on social justice.
  • The Anarres Project for Alternative Futures is a forum for conversations, ideas, and initiatives that promote a future free of domination, exploitation, oppression, war, and empire
  • The Program for Ethics, Society, and the Environment is a brand new program, details TBA.