History Alumni Mike Dicianna and Abe

OSU History offers major programs leading to a BA degree. It is also possible to earn an undergraduate minor in History. History may be used as a major and/or one of the minors in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) degree program, or as a minor in other graduate programs. We also offer graduate degrees (MA, MS, and Ph.D.) in History of Science.

Added to this strong set of programs is a tradition of outstanding teaching and personal contact between student and instructor. History faculty members have won college and university awards for teaching excellence. The regular faculty teach all classes, from freshman to graduate level. Small group seminars, topic courses, honors sections, and individual study are available to History majors and non-History majors alike. Regular course work also may be augmented by internships.

History routinely sponsors lectures by leading scholars from around the nation. Many of them are sponsored by the Thomas Hart and Mary Jones Endowment in the Humanities that is administrated by History. Outstanding students may be inducted into Phi Alpha Theta, an international history honors society, and undergraduate and graduate students alike participate in the OSU History Club.