Policy Degree and Certificate Programs in the School of Public Policy:

Oregon State University (OSU) offers both Master and PhD programs for students interested in the study and practice of policy about issues critical to Oregonians and the world, drawing on the traditional strengths and emerging signature areas of OSU.  While there is a science of policy that includes theory and methods, the discipline of policy is closely connected to the practice of policy design, implementation, and assessment. So our programs are designed to ensure that students interact with policy-makers as well as the knowledge-producers who support policy decisions. 

OSU is home to world class scientists working on many issues significant to 21st century citizens.  As populations continue to become more connected and interdependent, these issues promise to affect us more broadly, more quickly, and with more impact than ever before.  As an interdisciplinary program, the Graduate Programs in Public Policy are uniquely positioned to integrate groundbreaking science into emerging policies, practices, and understandings of the world that will impact and influence local, regional and international policy decisions. 

The Graduate Programs are offered by the faculty in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology; students can also work with scientists and take classes in programs and colleges across campus to design a graduate program that increases their knowledge, experience, and networks. Graduates of the Public Policy programs are challenging the way we think about the world, the way we learn, and ways in which social change is made possible.

Political Science professor Allison Johnston

OUR VISION: To empower collaborative and innovative leadership and research to address evolving policy challenges.

Public Policy Graduate Program Handbook 
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