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Some people talk about changing the world, policy makers get it done. 

Want a career where you have your finger on the pulse of today’s biggest issues? Make an impact on our changing world with a degree in Public Policy. This career-focused program empowers you to create workable solutions for emerging issues by conducting research, analyzing and interpreting results, and presenting quantitative and qualitative data to inform decisions and policies.

Earning a public policy degree can open the door to career paths in government and academia, business, public relations, and community development. OSU’s Bachelor’s program ensures career readiness with a professional seminar course, internship placement, and specializations in environmental, rural, and social policy or a general Public Policy focus.

Undergraduate Specializations

In the Public Policy Accelerated Master’s Platform, you can take graduate classes in public policy, apply those credits to major requirements, and transfer them to the Master of Public Policy (MPP) program. Learn more!

Student Focus

Miss Americana and the policy implications of her music and brand

The School of Public Policy plans to examine the intersection of popular culture and activism through the lens of Taylor Swift’s career

Imagine taking a class at OSU that never goes out of style. It’s a class where you can step into your own lavender haze filled with discussions about a Grammy award-winning music icon and one of the world’s most successful recording artists. This class is about more than just a talented singer or a gifted musician; students will examine the economic, political, and cultural effects of one of the most inspiring female leaders in the music industry today.

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Student Focus

Jax Richards: A Spherical Engagement with Life

In a world more socially connected than at any other moment in history, the importance of collaborative, diverse and interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems has become increasingly valued. Jax Richards is a student at Oregon State University who recognized that very early.

OSU’s campus culture inherently encourages students in the College of Liberal Arts, the second most populated college on campus, to communicate and make connections with students from other seemingly distant fields.
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Jax Richards