The Bachelor of Science in Public Policy can be completed in entirety or in part through the OSU Extended Campus ("Ecampus").

If you are not already an Ecampus student, you can begin the process by enrolling as degree-seeking student. Once you are accepted to Oregon State, you will need to complete the Ecampus online orientation.

After completing the online orientation, your next step is to contact the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Advising Office:

To register for classes, you will also need to schedule an appointment with one of the Public Policy academic advisors. They can orient you to the program, discuss your public policy coursework, and look at any public policy-related transfer credits. Direct questions about the BSPP to one of these advisors

Note: MyDegrees is a great tool to track students' academic progress, but it cannot automatically handle some special topics courses and transfer credits. If you spot any inconsistencies or problems with your MyDegrees, please schedule an appointment with either one of the public policy advisors (for public policy requirements) or the College of Liberal Arts (for Baccalaureate Core or CLA requirements).