Click the drop-down links below to be connected with a variety of free, guided contemplative practices and resource sites by category.  We'll continue developing this list as we discover practice resources from a variety of contemplative traditions.  

Sending Breaths to Places in the Body (9:47) with Kate Gallagher

Grounding Meditation (15:00) with Kate Gallagher

Slowing Down/Listening Inwardly - Mindful Movement (25:00) with Kate Gallagher

Calm/Ease (20:24) with Thich Nhat Hanh

Body Scan (11:29) with Kate Gallagher

Body Scan (30:00) with Luis Morones via the UCSD Center for Mindfulness

Rocking the Body (Video - 14:29) with Kate Gallagher

Rocking the Body II (Video - 7:53) with Kate Gallagher

Starting the Day: Allowing yourself to be as you are (9:00) with Audrey Perkins

Morning Meditation: At Home in Nature (13:00) with Audrey Perkins

Savasana means "Corpse Pose" and is done resting flat on the back.  

Savasana 1 (10:16) with Kate Gallagher

Savasana 2 (13:11) with Kate Gallagher

Savasana 3 (10:36) with Kate Gallagher

Savasana 4 (10:23) with Kate Gallagher

Sending Breaths to Places in the Body (9:47) with Kate Gallagher

Feeling the Breath in the Belly, Ribs & Chest (11:49) with Kate Gallagher

Ujjayi Pranayama - "Victorious Breath" (10:34) with Kate Gallagher

Deep Breathing (24:00) with Kate Gallagher 

A Variety of Mindfulness-Based Practices from Mindfulness Northwest

A Variety of Mindfulness-Based Practices with Tara Brach 

Attending to the Soles of the Feet (10:32) with Kate Gallagher

Mindful Eating Meditation (14:30) with Kate Gallagher

Walking Meditation (9:49) with Kate Gallagher

Seated Meditation (45:00) with Luis Morones

Mindfulness of Sounds (10:36) with Kate Gallagher

Attention with the Breath (12:21) with Kate Gallagher

Shamatha 1: Relaxation + Stability (17:00) with Kate Gallagher

Shamatha 2: Stability & Vividness (18:00) with Kate Gallagher

4 Anchors Open Sky Meditation (20:00) with Audrey Perkins

Noting (20:00) with Kristen Neff

A Variety of Mindful Self Compassion Meditations with Kristen Neff, PhD

A Variety of Mindful Self Compassion Practices with Chris Germer, PhD

A Variety of Compassion-Based Practices with Tara Brach, PhD

Self-Compassion Break for Anxiety (10:00) with Noriko Morita Harth via the UCSD Center for Mindfulness

Visualizing Goodwill for the World (10:13) with Kate Gallagher

Common Humanity Meditation (17:00) with Audrey Perkins

Self-Compassion Break Practice (20:00) with Kate Gallagher

Loving-Kindness for a Loved One  (15:00) with Noriko Morita Harth via the UCSD Center for Mindfulness

Giving and Receiving Compassion  (15:00) with Noriko Morita Harth via the UCSD Center for Mindfulness


Analytic Meditations with Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

Shamatha-Vipassana  (33:00) with Kate Gallagher

Shamatha-Vipassana Short (16:00) with Kate Gallagher

Minding the Gap with Audrey Perkins (13:00) 

Minding the Gap 2 with Audrey Perkins (20:00)

Space of the Mind (16:00) with Kate Gallagher


Restorative Yoga Sequence (20:55) with Kate Gallagher

Gentle Yoga Sequence (11:35) with Kate Gallagher

Introductory Yoga (9:27) with Kate Gallagher

Sun Salutations (8:26) with Kate Gallagher

Slowing Down/Listening Inwardly - Mindful Movement (audio) (25:00) with Kate Gallagher 

Insight Timer - For Sleep, Anxiety and Stress

Plum Village - Mindfulness and more from Thich Nhat Hanh's Tradition

Healthy Minds - Translating science into tools to cultivate and measure well-being