James Blumenthal on Jokangpotala

About Contemplative Studies

The OSU Contemplative Studies Initiative is an interdisciplinary effort to foster research, education, and outreach related to contemplative practices. These practices include a range of mental and physical disciplines, such as mindfulness-based practices, that foster concentration and mental clarity, focused inquiry, and physical and mental composure. The goal of such practices is to promote the well-being of individuals and society through the development of both analytic and empathetic skills.

In addition to traditional reports, mounting scientific evidence in psychology and neuroscience indicates that individuals who regularly engage in contemplative practices experience heightened professional success and personal well-being. In addition to increased attentional capacity, mental clarity, and emotional resilience, they enjoy a greater sense of inner peace and overall sense of happiness.

The Contemplative Studies Initiative, through education, research, and outreach, endeavors to support the success and well-being of OSU’s students, faculty, and staff and that of society-at-large. Our hope is to help people study and cultivate skills that will help them to be happy, thrive, and make a strong and positive contribution to society. The Contemplative Studies Initiative seeks to expand the university’s mission to explore land, sea, space, sun – and mind. CSI co-founder, the late Dr. James Blumenthal, is pictured above. Dr. Blumenthal's vision, along with that of Dr. Winston McCullough and Dr. John Edwards, created and nourished a spark that has evolved into a robust, active community and rich academic opportunity at OSU. In September 2023, The Contemplative Studies Initiative team realized a long-term goal of creating a dedicated space for our activities - Marigold: The OSU Center for Contemplative Practice