Inner Nature Podcast Series

Episodes release monthly January - August 2023

Available on Apple, Spotify, GoogleStitcher and wherever you listen to podcasts

Inner Nature, a podcast series produced in partnership with OSU's Spring Creek Project, will explore the profound connection between our inner lives and planetary care. This series is a collection of conversations between thought-leaders, renowned contemplative teachers, climate activists, environmental scientists, artists, and authors, exploring the intersection of contemplative practice and environmental action. Over eight episodes, released once a month from January through August 2023, we’ll delve into how we can tend to our inner lives so we have the creativity and clarity to imagine the future we know is possible and the mental and emotional stamina to work toward that vision, even if it takes a lifetime. Each month, join us for a new conversation between some of the greatest contemplatives of our time as they reflect on how environmental activism is essential to our own, personal journey from separation to wholeness. Together, we’ll look at how the contemplative journey shapes our mindset, which ripples out into our relationships with one another and with the earth.

Conversation partners explore questions like:

    •    Can transforming ourselves help transform the world? 
    •    Why is introspection crucial to a thriving planet? 
    •    How is planetary care essential to the contemplative endeavor?
    •    How can we stay connected to the healing power of nature, as we experience grief and guilt over compounding crises?

Special thanks to Shelley Stonebrook, Carly Lettero, and Emily Grubby of the Spring Creek Project, our sound editor Colin Cole, and our sixteen cherished guests for their joyful collaboration in bringing this project to life!