September/October 2023: Marigold Studio Opens! 

October 2023: MBSR 8 Week Series  

September 2023: Digital Detox Retreat

2022-2023: Inner Nature Podcast Series - A Collaboration with the Spring Creek Project 

October 2022: A Film Screening of Mission: Joy - Finding Happiness in Troubled Times

Sept 2022: Annual Contemplative Weekend Retreat

July 2022: Wilderness and Dharma: Lakota and Vajarayana perspectives with Amita Lhamo

May 2022: The Dharma in DNA with Dr. Dee Denver

May 2022:  A Cloud Never Dies: Movie & Mindfulness

October 2021 - June 2022: Meditation as Embodied Presence with Audrey Perkins, MA and Kate Gallagher, MA

2020 - 2021 Speaker Series: Contemplative Practices for the Greater Good with Lama Rod Owens, Chenxing Han & Others

July - August 2020: Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) with Jacob Lindsley, MA

June 2020: Lucid Dreaming, Meditation & Insight with Kate Gallagher, MA

May 2020: Training the Mind/Heart - Buddhist Lojong with Dr. Geoff Barstow

April 2020: Virtual Weekend (Annual) Retreat with Guest Amita Lhamo

March 2020: Eating the Flesh of Our Mothers: Buddhism & Vegetarianism with Dr. Geoff Barstow

February 2020: The Wisdom of Uncertainty with Dr. John Edwards and Dr. Winston McCullough

November 2019: Contemplative Practices for Life, Death, Dying & Grief

October 2019: Sufi Dance Meditation Retreat with Dunya McPherson

October 2019: Mindful Self-Compassion 8-Week Series with Kate Gallagher

September 2019: Mindfulness for Insomnia - Book Release and talk with Catherine Polan Orzech LMFT

September 2019: Dandelions Blooming in the Cracks... - Book Release and talk with Amita Lhamo

September 2019: Annual Meditation Retreat - Cultivating Inner Stillness

June 2019: Contemplative Hike, Meditation & Tea

May 2019: 3-Evening Self-Compassion Series with Kate Gallagher

May 2018: "Mindful Tech" with Guest Lecturer Dr. David M. Levy 

May 2018: Sacred Sufi Movement Retreat with Dunya McPherson

August 2017: Annual Meditation Retreat - Cultivating Inner Stillness

March 2017: "Guru Devotion in Pre-Modern Tibetan Buddhism" - a talk with Dr. Geoff Barstow

March 2017: "The Eight Limbs of Yoga" Book Release and Talk with Dr. Stuart Sarbacker

January 2017 (to present): Monday Night Mindfulness Group Practice 6:30-8pm at Westminster House

August 2016: Annual Meditation Retreat - Cultivating Inner Stillness 

February 2016: 3-Evening Wisdom Series with Dr. John Edwards

November 2015: 4-Evening "Mindfulness and Well-Being" Series with Dr. Winston McCullough