DanceLab: A Special Monthly Class

Co-facilitated by Julie Masters and Kate Gallagher

Thursday, August 1, 2024 6:30-7:45pm | Register Here*

Thursday, September 19, 2024 6:30-7:45pm | Register Here*

2 Step Registration: 1- Buy class passes or $15 Single Pass on TouchNet if you don't already have passes

2- Save Your Spot on Momence* (Pre-registration is required)

* To reserve a spot on Momence, you must have a class pass. Note: it takes up to 24 hours for passes to display on Momence, as we add them manually. Contact or leave a voice mail at 541-737-4785 for assistance.

Marigold Studio: 648 SW 2nd Street in Corvallis 

DanceLab Overview

DanceLab is a space to playfully experiment with moving the body spontaneously through shifting moods and musical shapes - freeing ourselves from the mind’s tyranny of judgment and comparison - into a space of freedom, joy, and plain old fun! Take some time out to let go, cut loose, and honor your movement expression in a welcoming space. Your dance is unique as your fingerprint, while dancing together builds energy and community. There are no steps to learn - it’s freestyle movement inspired by community and a changing selection of evocative and lively music. We close with a meditative cool down and reflection. 

Dance Etiquette 
  • This is not a contact-heavy dance space, but please ask for consent for contact dance
  • Vocalizing, singing, quietude, movement, and stillness are all welcome. 

  • Be aware of and take care of others in the space (please avoid trip hazards, specifically), and take good care of yourself!
Additional Details

For questions about registration or ability-related accommodations, please contact or leave a voicemail at 541-737-4785 with a text/call-back number.

About the Instructors
Julie Masters

Julie's offerings are based in her experience and devotion to discovery of the Self, pursuit of insight, healing, beauty, and joy. She has training in holistic health, feminist spirituality, various healing modalities, and has participated in many workshops, retreats, yoga classes, and personal growth sessions and programs. 

Julie is retired from a career as a lawyer, where she wrote administrative law appeals in Oregon. So she has navigated the workaday world and also explored the inner worlds where subjective experience is valued. 

Julie has spent time doing inquiry into deep aspects of her experience, guided by intuition and respect, gratitude, kindness, and humility. With these allies, we can relax our defenses and tensions, sinking back into the beautiful background of spaciousness, finding natural rooted strength and unconditional support. The practice of inquiry is a free-form exploration of the present moment experience, following one's own resonance to discover what is true. In either inquiry or we-space practice we can restore our natural knowing that we are valid, inwardly connected, mysterious and alive. 

Kate Gallagher

Kate met contemplative practices through postural yoga as a dance major in college. It took a few years to develop an interest in the quieter, more still practices of meditation -- and the importance and value of embodiment work remains a vital piece of her practice and teaching. Kate's pursuit of yoga teacher trainings across the U.S. in 2009 unexpectedly landed her in the good care of teachers in the Geluk and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. It is in these styles of study and practice, and in the rich lineage of Indian yoga, that she has since found a personal, contemplative home - although, she maintains a great love for contemplative and mystical perspectives from many traditions.

Kate earned a Master's degree at OSU in Applied Religious Ethics, completed and taught several advanced yoga teacher programs, trained in the secular, research-based curriculum of mindful self-compassion (MSC) and in 2018, had the immense privilege to spend a year in a solitary, largely silent meditation retreat centered on shamatha (calm abiding) and vipassana (inquiry/insight). Kate works as OSU's Contemplative Studies Initiative coordinator, teaches courses in REL and PSY, and oversees the Marigold Center. Kate has over thirty years experience in dance and embodiment modalities, and has looked to dance for psychological/embodied freedom both intentionally and haphazardly for decades. She is relatively new to contemplative dance as a practice, but she likes doing it and assists Julie with building the playlist and brainstorming creative ways to explore contemplative themes in a dance context.