REL 308: Intro to Contemplative Studies

Offered Fall 2021 via eCampus and winter 2022 on the Corvallis campus.

Created by Jonathan Stoll and Kate Gallagher

An entry to the interconnectedness of spiritual and career development, and a survey of both religious and secular contemplative traditions, practices and worldviews. Textual study, practical experience, dialogues with expert practitioners and scholars, and student reflection and discussion are emphasized. Broadly, the types of contemplative practice reviewed include: embodiment, meditation, prayer, presence in nature, ritual, service, recitation, introspection, writing and creative expression.  Career development topics include: inner viewing and interviewing, profits and prophets, values and value added, reframing emotions and reframing experiences, networking and being in relationship, and soulful leadership.  Practices will be studied in the philosophical, religious, historical, cultural, and psychological contexts in which they are centered.