2024-2025 Instrumental Ensemble Placement Auditions

All 2024-2025 auditions for concert and jazz ensembles will be pre-recorded video and submitted via an online system. Auditions will NOT be blind as each person will be asked to identify themselves upon submitting their audition video. 

Results of the auditions will be made public via email before the start of week zero.

Questions about the auditions can we directed to Dr. Erik Leung at erik.leung@oregonstate.edu

Instrument check outs

Please submit this form to begin the instrument check out process. Students needing to borrow an instrument should contact Sammy Ramirez (samantha.ramirez@oregonstate.edu) to obtain the needed instrument(s).

Jazz Auditions

  • Auditions are required to join a jazz ensemble during the Fall 2024 quarter. Please contact Ryan Biesack (biesackr@oregonstate.edu) for auditions materials and register for MUS 158 if you are interested in participating in a jazz ensemble this fall.

Campus Band

  • No audition is required for Campus Band. Read about Oregon State University Bands and decide whether a placement audition is appropriate for you.

Submit your audition registration and video


Audition Submission Form

  • Submission deadline: 11:59 p.m. (PDT) on Saturday September 14, 2024.

The above link will allow you to submit your Fall 2024 audition registration and video audition. Please note that you cannot save the form and complete it at a later time. If you exit the form or do not finish it, you will have to start the process again in order to submit your audition registration and video.

The video audition will consist of the following:

  1. Please prepare a 3 minute excerpt of your choice.
  2. Please prepare the audition music posted below.

Downloadable Audition Materials (Concert Bands)