Homeward (2021)

An album from the OSU Music Technology and Production program

During 2021, the music technology and production program put out a campus-wide call for songs, from which seven diverse tracks were selected for inclusion on an EP produced entirely by OSU students. The student producers worked closely with the songwriters to shape the final versions of each song on the album. 

Assistant professor of music Jason Fick and instructor of music Aaron Barnhart were faculty advisers. OSU student Alissa Liu managed the project and the lead producer was OSU student Bobby Harris.

Be A Man

By Jay Mitchell
Produced by Isaac Smith

It's Time To

By Buddy
Produced by Ibrahim Syed

Coloring Book

By Kjerstyn Jordheim
Produced by Jasmine Lumpkin 

This Page Is Intentionally Left Blank

By Logan Gianella
Produced by Iuliana Carey 

Vivid Dreams

By Anastasya Hoffman
Produced by Bobby Harris

Meant to be in each other’s space 

By Jana King
Produced by Ibrahim Syed

Runaway With Me

By Ace Calgano
Produced by Issac Smith