Sonar (2022)

An album from the OSU Music Technology and Production program

In 2022, the Music Technology and Production area at OSU produced an album in response of a university-wide call for songs. We selected 10 diverse tracks from over 30 submissions to comprise the album, which was produced by OSU MTP students. Each selected songwriter was paired with student producers in the MTP area. The songwriters and producers worked closely to shape the final version of each song.

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By Srikar (Srikar Valluri)
Producer: Bobby Harris


By MiMi (Mia Tognoli)
Producer: Griffin Barbieri


By JSKRN (Jaskaran Singh Saini)
Producer: Cooper Mitchell


By Jenna Eve (Jenna Sposato)
Producer: Liam Hull

Golden River

By Sav.vori (Ethan Makinster)
Producer: Jonah Bloom

Metal Man 

By Freaky Deacon
Producer: Sinjin Sanchez

U Guys Suck :(

By Sad Happy Rabbit (Lucas Fortner)
Producer: Isaac Smith

Road to Nowhere

By Jacob Ramirez and Kainoa Dall
Producer: Dylan Shillinger

Rabbit in a Snowstorm

By Ibrahim (Ibrahim Syed)
Producer: Bobby Harris


By Ace (Ambrose Calcagno)
Producer: Jacob Irle