Festival of Voices 2021

Thursday, November 4, 2021

  • Oregon State University
  • The LaSells Stewart Center
  • 875 SW 26th St.
Cost & Registration

Register for the 2021 Festival of Voices

Registration is limited to the first 200 total tenor/basses and first 350 total soprano/altos.

  • $350 per choir for the first 30 students
  • For choirs of 31+ students, each additional student beyond 30 costs an additional $8
  • Fee includes festival t-shirt, registration and clinicians.
  • Students/school are responsible for sheet music and meals.
COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 protocols for the Festival of Voices Choral Festival will meet all Oregon State University, Benton County, and the State of Oregon guidance, utilizing social distancing, health checks prior to leaving their school and after arriving at Oregon State, masking, and keeping students in school cohorts.  While attending high school students are not required to be vaccinated for participation, it is strongly encouraged, and all participating OSU students will either be fully vaccinated or undergoing regular testing.  A Communicable Disease Plan has been filed with the university and the event has been registered on the OSU Youth Program Registry.  

Learn more about OSU COVID-19 safety at: covid.oregonstate.edu


Treble Choir 

Tenor/Bass Choir

Combined Ensemble

  • Singabahambayo – arr. Victor Johnson (SATB)
Location & Concert

The LaSells Stewart Center at Oregon State University (875 SW 26th St.)

  • 9:00 a.m.: Registration Opens
  • 4:30 p.m.: Gala Concert (free admission, no tickets required - anticipated ending at 5:30 p.m.
Questions & Accommodations

For questions regarding the 2021 Festival of Voices, please email festival coordinator Emilia Veremchuk (oregonstatechoirs@gmail.com).

For accommodations relating to a disability please call 541-737-4061 at least one week in advance.