UPDATE Rev. 3/20/2020

Student recitals – please be in contact with your applied lesson instructor moving forward

Any recitals not required for graduation in Spring 2020 will be postponed for future terms

 i.      Required recitals this term:

  • Will be totally remote. The following are possible ways that you will present your recital
  • A recorded performance in real time of your recital that will then be submitted to the associated faculty
  • A live-streamed performance of your recital
  • Another presentation option to be decided/determined with your applied lesson instructor
  • If accompaniment is needed for the recital, the student will pay the accompanist to record the accompaniment that the student will perform with during the recital.

If you would like to hold your recital in Community Hall, please contact us here in the office to reserve your spot/time. Please be advised that the availability of Community Hall could change at any time, thus a back-up plan is always good.

For Community Hall reservations please contact Nikkie Pastre at: Nicolette.Pastre@oregonstate.edu


Student Recital Policies 

Revised: 10/2018

Scheduling | Cancellation | Venues | Rehearsals | Posters


For JUNIOR recitals, students must be enrolled in MUP 39x and pass a pre-recital hearing prior to the scheduled recital date (2 weeks prior for instrumental, 3 weeks prior for vocal).

For SENIOR recitals, students must be enrolled in MUP 49x, pass a pre-recital hearing prior to the scheduled recital date (2 weeks prior for instrumental, 3 weeks prior for vocal), and have successfully completed a junior recital. 

There will be no exceptions to the level requirements for junior or senior recitals. Any recital performed before the student is enrolled in lessons at the MUP 39x level will be considered a NON-DEGREE recital and shall not count towards any graduation requirements. Any recital presented after the completion of the junior recital but before the student is enrolled at the MUP 49x level will be considered a NON-DEGREE recital and shall not count towards any graduation requirements.

For NON-DEGREE recitals, students shall consult with their applied instructor regarding the suitability of presenting a recital that is open to the public. Non-degree recitals do not count towards any graduation requirements, even retroactively, and are scheduled on a space-available basis at sole discretion of the OSU Music Marketing & Events Coordinator.

PLEASE NOTE: if a student does not complete the recital scheduling process prior to presenting their recital, in accordance with the recital scheduling policies, the recital will not be considered complete and will not count towards graduation requirements regardless of whether the performance quality was sufficiently satisfactory. No exceptions to this policy will be made. Completing the recital scheduling process prior to presenting a recital is to be considered an integral part of the recital process and is not optional.

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  • For FALL RECITALS – schedule your recital and venue during SPRING term.
  • For WINTER RECITALS – schedule your recital and venue during FALL term.
  • For SPRING RECITALS – schedule your recital and venue during FALL term.

Please consider the:

  •  Availability of your applied teacher
  •  Availability of your accompanist
  • Availability of friends and family you wish to invite
  • Availability of potential off-campus venues if applicable 

Recitals will not be scheduled to start simultaneously with any other recital, nor will they be scheduled against any OSU Music event. No exceptions to this policy will be made.

You may request to ‘hold’ up to one (1) additional recital date during the initial scheduling meeting. This request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed. The date on ‘hold’ will not be considered your primary date and will only be held for you for five (5) business days. After five (5) business days, the additional ‘held’ date will be released for reassignment without further notice.

Recitals not scheduled properly may not be considered official. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

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Cancellation / Rescheduling

In the event that you must cancel a scheduled recital date, please notify the the recital coordinator at least one week in advance. It is the responsibility of the student to notify their applied instructor, accompanist, other performers, recording engineer, etc. BEFORE canceling a recital with the recital coordinator.

Before canceling your recital, please consider all of the consequences. For example: not completing a scheduled degree recital may delay your graduation date or cause the cost of your degree to increase through additional tuition you may not have expected to pay.  Students canceling or rescheduling a recital are responsible for any costs incurred in the event that an off campus venue was contracted any any monies owed to accompanists, recording engineers, other performers hired for the event, reception catering, etc. 

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Community Hall has three primary recital venues: Walker Recital Hall (room 303), Beard Band Hall (room 202), and Petri Choral Hall (room 204). Pending space availability, degree recitals may use any of these three venues free of charge for both the recital and rehearsals scheduled with the Music Marketing & Events Coordinator. 

Some student recitalists choose to present their recitals in off-campus venues. If you choose to do so, you are responsible for all costs incurred, including but not limited to: rental fees, venue host fees, damages, and deposits. If you are planning to use an off campus venue, the date and time must still be scheduled through the event coordinator.

If you are using Community Hall to as your recital venue, the Music Marketing & Events Coordinator will book your room beginning one (1) hour prior to the start time of your recital. You must be cleared out of the room 30 minutes after the completion of your recital if there are other events or classes scheduled in that space. 

You are responsible for returning the space to its original condition upon completion of your recital.

Please note that many off-campus venues in town are quite busy! If you are planning to hold your recital off-campus, begin the booking process as early as possible to avoid last minute scrambling to find an appropriate recital space. A recital space on your preferred date/time will likely not be available on short notice in the event that your off-campus venue is not available, and you may have to move your recital to another date/time.

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Students may sign up in Fairbanks Hall 309B for rooms and times to hold rehearsals in Community Hall. You may schedule up to four (4) hours of rehearsal time, pending availability, prior to your recital. If you choose to use an off-campus venue, you are responsible for scheduling your extra rehearsal times with the venue and are also responsible for any rental fees or other charges that may be incurred.

Please book your dress rehearsal with the Music Marketing & Events Coordinator as soon as you have confirmed with your applied instructor, accompanist, and other performers that your scheduled recital date will work for all parties. Dress rehearsal times are scheduled subject to availability, and time slots may not be available on short notice.

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You are encouraged to create your own recital poster(s) to publicize your recital and they may be posted on appropriate bulletin boards within Community Hall and on the OSU campus.  Posters should generally be no larger than 8.5x14”. Posters which are inappropriate in nature, posted inappropriately, are misleading, or advertise recitals that have not been officially scheduled shall be removed without notice. You are responsible for all printing costs for your recital posters, and they cannot be printed/duplicated using the copy machine in Community Hall.

Your recital posters may not be placed/taped on windows or attached to furniture, etc. You are responsible for removing all recital posters one (1) business day after your recital has been completed. 

It is highly encouraged that you begin placing posters for your recital as soon as possible after you have passed your recital hearing. Presenting your public recital(s) forms an important step in completing your music degree and is a long and time honored tradition amongst music students worldwide. 

All degree recitals, regardless of venue location, and any non-degree recitals presented in Community Hall are considered open to the public. Students may not charge an admission fee for any degree recital, nor may they require ticket for any recital. 

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