Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture

Julia Berezhnoy

Julia Berezhnoy is a second-year MA in English candidate in the Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture track. She was born in Wenatchee, WA and raised in Portland, OR. Julia earned her AAOT from Clackamas Community College and her BS in English from Portland State University. As a Ukrainian, she has focused her research on the digital, visual, and nation-building rhetorics of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Julia currently teaches English Composition at OSU and plans to devote her career to teaching Rhetoric and Composition within the community college. When she's not researching, writing, teaching, or doing administrative work on behalf of SWLF, she enjoys reading literary fiction and theology; collaging, coloring, and watercolor painting; and equestrian trail riding.

Carlee Baker

Pronouns: she/they

Carlee is an Oregon transplant by way of Montana, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in English and political science from Montana State University and, later, worked as a communications professional with the Montana Federation of Public Employees - the state's largest labor union. They are now a first-year M.A. candidate, studying rhetoric and composition with a focus on political and activist rhetorics. When not writing, Carlee can be found trying to make their way through her never-ending reading list or spending time near the ocean.

Casey Dawson

Pronouns: They/She

Casey Dawson (they/she) is a 2nd-year master's student in Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture. Originally from New Orleans, LA, they received their bachelor's degree in Literature (minor in Medieval Studies) from Loyola University New Orleans in 2019. Their current research and writing interests include critical animal studies, affect, public humanities, creative nonfiction, and auto-ethnography. They also have professional experience in traditional and independent publishing, digital marketing, and secondary education. When not studying, you can find them playing D&D or begging someone to listen to their pop culture hot takes.

Georgia Wright

Pronouns: They/She

Georgia Grace Wright moved out west from a small town in Southeast Missouri--from which they keep on running. They earned their B.S. in communication studies at Missouri State University, where she simultaneously studied anthropology, communication, and creative writing. Their current area of interest lies in the intersection of the linguistic varieties of rural communities, the rhetoric of poverty, and equitable pedagogical practices in writing classes. Georgia spends her minimal free time wishing for more free time, chatting with local flora, and drinking unholy amounts of coffee.

Literature and Culture

Case Pharr

Pronouns: He/They

Case Pharr was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. They recently graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in English Literature and Linguistics, completing an undergraduate thesis on intersections of Frank Norris’ literary naturalism, high modernism, and Marxist literary theory. Case’s current research interests include theories of materialism, formalism, the climate crisis, and their intersections in postmodern and contemporary American literature. Outside of the classroom, Case enjoys making loud music, reading the novels of Vladimir Nabokov, watching Neil Breen movies, listening to shoegaze and noise pop, and playing with their three cats. 

Tiffany Boyles

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Tiffany Boyles is an MA candidate on the Literature and Culture track. She is originally from Columbia, SC, where she attended the University of South Carolina. After graduating in 2021 with a bachelor's degree in English, she spent two years working with an educational nonprofit as a 3rd-grade teaching assistant before deciding to pursue a graduate degree. Now in Oregon, she’s excited to explore the wilderness of the northwest, Gothic literature, and teaching higher ed. 

Isabel Molina

Pronouns: Any

Isabel is a second year Literature & Culture MA candidate. She grew up in Southern California and got her bachelor’s degree in English from UCLA, where she also studied Film & Television. Her current work applies the lens of gender & sexuality studies to tales of cannibalism in contemporary literature. On the weekends you can find her catching the latest movie release, even if that means traveling up to Portland to do so.

Anthony Johnson


Anthony is a 1st year literature candidate from Seattle, Washington. He joined the Master of Arts in English program at OSU to study the technological precedents of the Renaissance and, more prominently, of Modernity. In his spare time, Anthony has a habit of writing bad Science Fiction stories.

Christin Snyder

Pronouns: she/they

Christin is a first-year Literature and Culture MA candidate. They are interested in anti-capitalist modes and Queer studies. Particularly, she is hoping to analyze models of Queer Futurity in Victorian children’s literature. Christin earned a dual BA in English and Political Science from Boston College, and plans to integrate their love of political theory into their writing. As a former New Yorker, she is excited to spend her very first time on the West Coast. That being said, she always loves to hear day-trip recommendations!

Film and Visual Studies

Rachael Garcia

Rachael Garcia is a first-year MA candidate in Film Studies. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and earned her BA in Film & Television Production from the University of Southern California. Her current research and writing interests are in hegemonic and subversive narratives and depictions of political radicalism, especially within films that have worked with the DOD. She has a background in screenwriting, production design, and film photography. When she’s not watching or making films, she’s usually biking through nature, going to post punk shows, or staring lovingly at her dog.