Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Student Name: Catalina Harmon

Committee Members: Mark Edwards (Chair), Brett Burkhardt, and Kelsy Kretschmer.

Essay Title: Examining Permanent Supportive Housing on Specific Homeless Populations in Oregon


Oregon has one of the five highest homeless occupancy rates in the U.S., according to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report (2021). Using the current governor of Oregon’s (Tina Kotek) plan to decrease homelessness, which focuses primarily on housing developments and strategies, this study will first examine the merits of permanent supportive housing against alternative supportive housing methods. Next, the study will conduct a quantitative analysis of permanent supportive housing on the homelessness rates of veterans, individuals with HIV/AIDS, individuals with substance abuse disorder, unaccompanied youth aged 25 or less, and the chronically homeless. The two main questions this paper will answer are: (1) how many more permanent supportive housing shelters will be needed to eliminate homelessness within the five selected homeless sub-populations, and (2) where will we place these additional shelters? To achieve this, both a quantitative and spatial analysis will be done on permanent housing and the five vulnerable populations in Oregon. The results will contain a needs-based assessment.

Defense Date: Tuesday, June 13th, 11:30am Bexel 414

Contact ppolgradprogram@oregonstate.edu for the Zoom link