Join us at 7:00 pm on Zoom as we showcase our talented MFA students' work!

The Zoom link and password for the Reading Series are distributed via OSU email. If you do not have an OSU email but would like to attend, please contact a current MFA candidate or email Audrey Smith at


October 23rd

Craig Hartz (Fiction, 2022)

Katie Hutchinson (Nonfiction, 2021)


November 20th

Rachel Attias (Fiction, 2022)

Emma Uriarte (Fiction, 2022)

Meriden Vitale (Poetry, 2021)


January 8th

Jay Sepac (Nonfiction, 2022)

Rebecca Martin (Poetry, 2022)

Cat Malcynsky (Fiction, 2021)


February 12th

Lanesha Reagan (Fiction, 2022)

Carrie Vaughn (Poetry, 2021)

Chloe Pfeiffer (Nonfiction, 2021)


March 12th

Paige Thomas (Nonfiction, 2022)

Morgan Corona (Poetry, 2021)

Meg Fancher (Fiction, 2021)


April 23rd

Riley Yuan (Nonfiction, 2022)

Tessa Finley (Fiction, 2021)

Josh Barnhart (Poetry, 2022)


May 14th

Chris Smith (Poetry, 2022)

Audrey Smith (Nonfiction, 2021)

Joe Bohlinger (Fiction, 2021)