Master's in History M.A., M.S.

Our mission:

Masters of History graduates will, via a variety of career paths, help address society’s “big problems,” including racial and social injustice, violence and war, and informed analysis of technological and scientific developments, with a historical and humanities-based perspective.

Options for Master’s degrees in History:

Global Perspectives on War, Peace, and Empire with course work on the Holocaust, the Rise of Anti-Semitism, the World Wars, War in History, and Empires in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Community History and Civic Engagement with a focus on the history of race in the West, citizenship in the USA, social welfare, labor history, immigration, and activism.

History of Science and Technology concentrating on the history of the life and environmental sciences, drawing from an invaluable onsite collection of personal documents relating to Linus Pauling and other prominent scientists.

Our faculty:

Global PerspectivesNicole von Germeten, Trina HoggKatherine Hubler, Jon KatzPaul KoppermanRena Lauer, Linda Richards, Kara Ritzheimer, Paul Wanke, Hung Yok

Civic Engagement – Elizabeth Barstow, Marisa ChappellNicholas ForemanAmy Koehlinger, Jennifer Macias, Ben Mutschler, Christopher McKnight Nichols, Steve Shay, Stacey Smith, Joel Zapata

History of Science and Technology Jake Hamblin, Mason Tattersall

History Masters Graduate Student Handbook