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I channel my passion for digital media by educating, engaging with community outreach projects and producing quality multimedia for individuals, communities, nonprofits, LEAs, and small businesses.  Social responsibility, creativity, intention and dedication are synonymous when I think of successful multimedia production.  This has become my mantra and the digital media journey I would like to share with others.
Current research projects include work in transnational transmedia/backpack journalism, marijuana media representation, identity development and performance in 3D immersive environments, cultural exchange through social and digital media, purposeful digital storytelling production, digital literacy, educational machinima and professional development for literary arts educators within 3D immersive environments.

Doctorate of Communication and Society, University of Oregon: March 2014
Master of Communication- Digital Media, University of Washington: 2005
Bachelor of Arts – Communication/Recording Arts, University of Colorado: 2001

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New Media Communications
Beyond OSU
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